The last time Jakob and Joltter were to decide on who is faster, there was a lot of confusion as to who actually won. It has now been about six months, and with the World Cup in full swing, it is time to decide this once and for all. And this time around we promise to find a winner!

When the Spaniards got a Dutch beating in their initial match of the tournament, it was not only the result of the match that was rather spectacular. Also on the individual level there was a rather rapid record to be found. Leading up to his second goal, Arjen Robben performed quite the sprint, leaving Sergio Ramos looking more or less frozen. His top speed was measured at 37 km/h, which is the quickest a footballer has ever been measured at in a match situation. The previous record was held by Antonio Valencia at 35,2 km/h

Neither Jakob, not Joltter will ever be able to match Arjen Robben's sprint, but between the two, we still need to figure out who is faster. And today is the day. Today's challenge gave the two boys an opportunity to settle this once and for all.

last time the two boys were head to head in this same scenario, was in our 5th Christmas episode, and back then it was so close, that they could actually not decide on a winner. Back then, Jakob was wearing a pair of F50 Adizero while Joltter had put on a pair of Hypervenoms. The aftermath and following debate was leaning towards Joltter as the winner, and he therefore arrived at today's sprint with great optimism.

This time around Joltter had decided to wear his evoPOWER, while Jakob had brought along his Superflys. And maybe it was the choice of football boots that made the difference this time around. Joltter starts off looking very strong, but about halfway through the race, Jakob shows that this challenge is his. And this time there is no questioning who is the winner. Even if Joltter proved a worthy competitor, Jakob can now call himself the faster man of the two.

What Jakob and Joltter's top speed were the story doesn't say. Anyhow, Joltter will now have to put on humiliating Challenge Loser shirt, while Jakob seems very happy to get back at Joltter in this competition.

Now you have seen Jakob and Joltter going heads up in various football related scenarios. Joltter has been pulling on the loser shirt the most times, but does that mean that Jakob is better? And do you think you can beat them both maybe? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comment on Facebook and Instagram.