Spring is here and Nike are ready with a pair of white Free Hypervenom II


Written by Mathias

We all know what time it is when the sun’s out - it’s time to get out the white sneaks again. Nike have now made sure you can rock the football style off the pitch with the wicked new Free Hypervenom II.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II was an instant hit, following its launch last May and it didn’t take Nike long to transfer the design to their sneakers, by creating the Nike Free Hypervenom II. The contemporary shoe combines the best of both worlds for fans of football boots and sneakers - the sole from the Nike Free and upper from the Hypervenom boots.

The dark, muddy days are coming to an end and that means it’s time to crack out the white sneakers again. We here at Unisport HQ have waited and waited for a white version since the Free Hypervenom was first launched, and after seeing it in black, blue, red, green and just about every other colour known to man, it’s finally time! The timing of the launch isn’t a coincidence either, because white sneakers are far better suited for spring sun, than snow, mud and rain.

You can get ready for spring with new Nike sneakers right here.

Show some love for the Hypervenom off the pitch this spring in one of the freshest incarnations of the Nike football sneaker. It’s not a bad thing either, that white sneakers happen to go well with all types of trousers, both jeans and training trousers. You can pull off a pair of Nike Free Hypervenom II in school, as well as at training.