Fais Briller le Jeu Vlog - Luca goes to Paris and talks to JayJay Okocha


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

In connection with the presentation of the new Nike ‘Fais Briller le Jeu’ video, Luca recently visited Paris and has vlogged his experience here.

Luca is never one to miss a bit of football when out travelling and on his visit to Paris, where he met up with JayJay Okocha and the Nike crew behind the Fais Briller le Jeu video, he also got a chance to watch the Paris Saint Germain - Monaco game. A true representation of what it’s like to live the #unisportlife.

Join him on his trip by watching the video above and if you will be supporting France at Euro 2016, then you can find their new Nike Vapor-kits with AeroSwift technology right here.