The wait has been very long – but the Magista is now up for pre-order, and it is already showing to be very popular. The revolutionary football boot has actually been on its way for no less than 4 years and has been through 180 prototypes, before finding its final shape and form. Nike have revealed a bit of the process and here show us some of the prototypes.

Back in 2010, Nike really started the work towards revolutionising football – based on feedback from some of the worlds best players, they slowly started working towards a football boot that could provide the ultimate fit and touch. The result was the Nike Magista - made from Flyknit. But why? Well, let's leave it to Design Director of Nike Football, Denis Dekovic, in the video below.

In other words, we had to use Flyknit – simply because the knitted material was the only thing that could provide us with exactly what we were looking for. But is wasn't something that they just found out right away. Actually it took four years and numerous prototypes before reaching the final form and shape of the Magista.

You have been waiting for long enough. Pre-order the new Nike Magista Obra now – just €275.

It took numerous prototypes, where they tried to integrated the Flyknit in various ways to give the optimal fit. In the beginning you can't even see the Flyknit on the first prototype, which looks more like a mix of a Hypervenom and a Maestri with a very significant heel counter.

Things did, however, quickly shape up, and Nike created a Flyknit upper, which already at this stage would come show to make impact on the final Magista with the Brio cables that make up the beehive-like design on the upper. At the same time, we were also starting to see a hint of the Dynamic Fit Collar – although we would later see this being taken to a whole new level;

Oh yes, there has been some rather wild shots at how the Nike Magista Obra could look like – and when Nike finally included the collar on the Magista (then named Maestri), it had a pretty different look and a camouflage green NikeSkin upper. The sole also looks rather spacey if you ask us...

Later on it rapidly started to look more like the final Magista Obra. The Dynamic Fit Collar is getting there, and the upper is shaping up with the Brio cables, the NikeSkin surface and the sole of the football boot. But what is going on the with the strap on top of the collar?

Are you ready for the Magista? Pre-order the new Nike Magista Obra today – just €275.

Even closer to final design, and before we have made it all the way, the Magista Obra goes in a bit of a more spacey direction. It is, however, starting to look a lot a lot like the Obra, with the Dynamic Fit Collar now also being equipped with the little ventilation holes on the side.

The last prototype shows that we are almost there, and it is actually just the pattern on the upper that is not similar to the final product; and the it was still called Maestri then... Otherwise, this prototype is an example of how far Nike have come in 4 years after numerous tests and feedback from the biggest players.

Nike had not decided to go with Flyknit from the beginning, but as it has proved to be both strong and supple, as well as providing a snug and comfortable fit on the foot, there was no getting around it – and we have to say that the result is rather good. And just that result – The Nike Magista Obra is not up for pre-order. Are you ready to try something completely new?


What are your thoughts on the many prototypes that Nike have created before reaching the final shape and form of the Magista? Are you liking some of them or are you happy with the look of the final result? Take your football passion to a social level, and share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.