Some would say that it is almost cruelty to create a football boot that breaks all limits, and then make us wait almost two months, before we can order it. But, although the wait has felt like an eternity, it has truly been worth it. Now, it is here. From today, you can pre-order the new Magista Obra, and it comes both with FG, AG and SG-Pro stud configurations.

Since the end of February, Nike have been talking about how football will never be the same again. On the 6th of March we were then introduced to the foundation of this claim. A football boot made with a Flyknit upper, as well as the Dynamic Fit Collar was what Nike had in store for us. And to ensure that everybody can join in on this revolution, the football boot naturally comes with stud configurations for various surfaces.

You have been waiting long enough. Pre-order the new Nike Magista Obra today – just €275.

FG stands for Firm Ground and is the most normal football boot version. The studs are made of plastic and are hereby firm enough to ensure a good pitch grip, and yet also flexible enough to provide the freedom you need for your movements.

Because the Magista is made with special focus on the playmaker, Nike have also listened to their players who play this position on an everyday basis. Through this process they learned that rounded studs are actually the optimal choice for these players, at it allows them to move easily and do twists and turns without any trouble. Something they call “360 degree Rotation Traction”.

Pre-order the Magista Obra with FG stud configuration here – just €275

SG-Pro (Soft Ground) is a stud configuration developed for the softer surfaces, for example if it has been raining. Therefore, we also see many professional players using this kind of stud configuration, as the pitch is often watered before a match. This stud configuration includes a combination of studs made of iron and plastic.

Again, Nike have equipped the boot with rounded studs and more or less the same amount of each type. The iron studs have gotten a gold paint job, and hereby follow the line that the Nike have gone for with their latest SG-Pro versions.

Pre-order the Magista Obra with the SG-Pro stud configuration here – just €285

The last version is AG, which stands for Artificial Grass, and is made to meet the increasing use of artificial grass. So far, FG and SG-Pro studs are not compatible with this type of surface, as it is simply too hard for the sole. Therefore, AG studs have been specially developed for this harder surface.

The sole on this AG model is, different from the two others, made in same style as the Hypervenom boot. The forefoot is hereby two-split, to give the big toe increased pitch contact, and in addition, Nike have also learned that the energy for your initial acceleration is found right here. The result is therefore an improved kick-off and acceleration.

Pre-order the Magista Obra with the AG stud configuration right here – just €275

All three models come with a sole made of Pebax and nylon in order to enhance the pitch grip. The combination of the two materials provide a unique mix of lightweight, flexibility and stability. The nylon part goes all the way around the medial side of the foot and under the big toe, in order to increase the previously mentioned energy in connection with the initial acceleration.

The new Magista Obra is a part of Nike's World Cup line-up and has also pushed the CTR360 collection out of production. We are therefore expecting to see this football boot on the feet of many players at the World Cup, including Andres Iniesta, Mario Götze and David Luiz.

The football boot that has changed the rules is available for pre-order from today, and will be delivered from the end of May. You will therefore, similar to the vast range of stars, be able to wear the boots as the World Cup is kicked off on the 12th of June in Brazil.

ALT_TAGWe have been waiting for almost two months and now you can finally pre-order the football boots that everybody has been talking about since the 6th of March. Nike have naturally made surely to meet the needs of all surfaces, so whether you play firm ground, soft ground or artificial ground, you are covered. Are you getting the new Magista, and with which stud configuration? Take your football passion to a social level and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.