Last Monday, Nike revealed the mysterious club, Nike F.C., which was established back in 1994 – at least according to the myth. Now the club has gotten its own stylish clothing collection, so come along and check it out right here.

Nike have just launched a brand new clothing line for their Nike F.C. Concept, which is a club for some of the very best footballers in the world, who's mission is to carry on the brilliant and beautiful football. And what is a club without without super nice equipment? Let's put it this way – Nike F.C. Are definitely not going to lack cool gear.

The new Nike F.C. collection is here, and there is something for pretty much everyone, and you can get to dress like Neymar, Wilshere, Boateng, Osvaldo and the other members; and hereby also send the message that you believe in carrying on and defending the brilliant football.

The collection consist primarily of the colours black, white and gold – and a couple of grey shades have also made their way. The collection includes both a jacket, t-shirts, sweatshirts and track top, as well as a super cool pair of sneakers. In other words, you can go for the full Nike F.C wardrobe, or you can just mix and match as you feel like.

Among the central pieces in the Nike F.C. Collection is the iconic t-shirt, which we have already seen players like Neymar, Wilshere, Boateng and Christian Eriksen wearing; and which comes both in white and black, with Nike F.C. Written in a gold display on the stomach. The two t-shirts are complemented by a t-shirt with a star map and the text “Sem Risco náo há Vitória” which is Portuguese for “without risk, there is no victory”.

You can pre-order your Nike F.C. T-shirt right here – just €29.

Ever since Ronaldo wore it when entering the pitch during the World Cup back in 1998, the Nike N98 track top has played a big role in the football history, and of course Nike F.C. Have also gotten their very own N98. It comes in black with the Nike F.C. club logo, where the “ without risk, there is no victory” motto is also displayed. The track top is accompanied by two lush Nike F.C. Sweatshirts in black and grey, which also include the Nike F.C. Text on the chest.

Pick up your Nike F.C. N98 jacket right here – pre-order it now for just €82.

According to the legend, Nike F.C. Was established back in 1994 in Pasadena, USA; the same place as the first Tiempo saw the light of day, and therefore it was only right that the Nike F.C. Collection should include the ultimate celebration of that specific football boot; Nike F.C. Tiempo 94 Black/Gold and White/Gold. It is super fresh, and the shoes match very well with the rest of the collection.

Is gold a good match for you? Then pre-order the Nike F.C. Tiempo 94 shoes right here.

The entire collection is inspired by Nike's long football history, and where the N98 jackets has been an icon since its introduction in 1998, the Nike F.C. T-shirt, for example, is inspired by the t-shirts that the Brazilian players wore after having won the World Cup in 1994. Now you can also become a part of the club with the Nike F.C. Collection, and feel the historical associations.

Established by legends like R9, Cannavaro and Figo and carried on by Neymar, Wilshere and Osvaldo, Nike F.C. Is not a team, it's a club. A club created to carry on and defend brilliant football. A club, which members know, that without risk, there is no victory. A club for the best players in the world. A club with super cool clothing. Are you gonna join?

Check out the full Nike F.C. Collection right here and pre-order your clothes already now.

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