In 1994 a very special club was founded by ten football legends, who all stood for genius football. 20 years later and it still exists, but this time with a new generation of brilliant footballers. The name was Nike F.C. and the club now comes with a cool new clothing collection.

Nike F.C. isn’t a team. It’s a club. A club without a stadium, with no billionaire owner and no fluffy mascot. A club founded by legends like Ronaldo, Figo and Cannavaro, it has been passed on to current stars – Neymar, Osvaldo, Boateng, Wilshere and many more.

The many club members live and breathe football, both on and off the pitch. They stand for genius football and know that you won’t make it to the top, without taking some risks from time to time – exactly like the original founders, who were led by Ronaldo in 1994 and changed football and the way it was played.

Nike F.C. stand for the genius, the unexpected and attacking play, which has kept fans entertained for more than 20 years – and many supporters can today see that they have witnessed a Nike F.C. player in action for years.

Now the time has come for a new breed of players and exactly like the original list of Nike F.C. members they are led by a Brazilian – Neymar Jr. His electric play on the pitch and status as a style icon off it, means he leads a new generation, who all defend the beautiful game.

With him on the team, are players who all dare to express themselves on the pitch, - but definitely also off it. Osvaldo, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Jack Wilshere are all icons in their own right, but all with one shared denominator; they believe that without risk, there can be no victory. They want to create attractive football, have an eye for the game and make the difference. They do however also want to express this good style outside the pitch.

And they will do so too, because like any other club Nike F.C. has its own, elegant and timeless clothing collection, which takes design elements from both 1994 and 2014. The colours are predominantly black, white and gold, a simple, but elegant style. In the design range, you find a number of t-shirts, a track-top, nice sweatshirts, a sensational jacket and two versions of the Tiempo 94 shoe.

It is clothes that Neymar, Jack Wilshere, Pablo Osvaldo, Kevin-Prince Boateng – and maybe you – will wear, to show off the clubs logo and colours. Black and white bring with them a timeless design, while gold symbolises a common goal, which all the members have; to reach the very top.

Even though Nike F.C. isn’t a team, the club still has a logo and a motto, which is Portuguese and goes like this “Sem Risco náo há Vitória." It means “Without risk, there is no victory”

This motto can be seen along with the logo on the N98 track-top, which is a model that was first worn by Ronaldo, before he entered the pitch for Brazil. Now it has become an iconic piece of clothing and definitely has to be a part of Nike F.C.

The Nike F.C. t-shirt is made in black and white, with a gold Nike F.C. block on the chest. The shirts are inspired by the shirt, which the Brazilian legends wore after their epic win in 1994. This means that on top of having gold on it, which is awesome, it also has a historic aspect to it. That counts for something too.

To make it to the top on the biggest scene of them all, you have to take risks and that is something the members of Nike F.C. know. They have the courage to go for glory and only then can you achieve it. Nike F.C. is not inspired by boring play. Nike F.C. is founded on the thought of genius play, instinctively fantastic football – and with players like this, things can’t go wrong.

The Nike F.C. collection can be pre-ordered from the 17th of April – Stay Tuned.

Founded by legends, continued by young and hungry footballers. A club, where the members have football running through their veins. What do you think about Nike F.C. and is it a club you would want to be a part of in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment-section down below.