Ecuador this year qualified for their just third World Cup ever. The South American country, with Antonio Valencia as their biggest star, booked their direct ticket to the World Cup by finishing fourth in their group. As the only team at the World Cup they will play in the Ecuadorian brand Marathon and we have taken a closer look at the shirts here.

Marathon have been responsible for Ecuadors shirts since 1995 and it is therefore the third time they get to design La Tri-color's World Cup shirts. Marathon have followed a classic brief and not much has changed with the new shirts.

The Ecuadorian national team go by the name of “La Tri”, which is a nickname and means “The three coloured”. The home-shirt is as tradition demands comprised of the countries three flag-colours. Yellow, Blue and Red. The dominant colour is yellow, which is also the flags main colour. The classic logo from Ecuadors football association has not been changed either and we understand why, because the cool logo has stayed the same for around 87 years, ever since the association formed.

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On the away-shirt Marathon have gone with exactly the same design, but this time with a complete reverse, so the blue now dominates the scenery. Nothing new to report here either, as Ecuador have worn blue away kits throughout their history too, bar a few outings in white.

On both shirts Marathon have also placed a watermarked sun figure underneath the football association's logo, which represents the countries football history and patriotism. To further emphasise the national pride so instilled in the country, Marathon have also borrowed a verse from the national anthem and placed it on the inside of the shirt. It reads “Mas que el sol contemplamos lucir” (Shinning brighter than the sun).

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Just like we have seen a number of other national shirts, Marathon have also chosen to use the very newest technologies in sportswear. Ecuador's World Cup shirt is therefore made with Marathon's Hidro-Tec, which is a system that helps breathability and optimises a players performance on the pitch, by transporting sweat away throughout the game. The fabric is also made from a anti-bakteria material and has a UV-filter that protects the players skin at all times.

Ecuador's squad isn't filled with the world's very biggest stars, but the country plays with heart and togetherness, which they hope can take them a long way, in a fairly manageable group. Valencia and Co. are placed in group E and can look forward to facing Switzerland, France and Honduras.

You can find the new Ecuador shirts here - just €71.

It has been interesting getting to know Ecuador's new shirts, which will be the only ones with the Marathon logo on this summer. And even though they might not be very different from their previous shirts, we aren't a second in doubt that the players will be proud to wear it at this years World Cup. What do you think about the Ecuadorian shirts and do they stand a chance?