What do you get if you take a team based on German discipline, a manager with a fiery Spanish temperament and mix it with a squad filled to the brim with superstars? Well, that is the recipe for an unstoppable and undefeated team. Bayern Munich could this Tuesday evening celebrate winning the German Championship in record-breaking time, after just 27 rounds.

27 games, 25 wins, 2 draws and not a single defeat. Those are the stats for Bayern Munich, who are the fastest title winners in the Bundesliga ever. This is despite them changing manager before the start of the season, something known to cause rumbles in the squad. This did however not seem to hinder the champions from Munich.

Before this season many were asking, just how could Guardiola improve a team, who the previous season had won every single competition they had partaken in. Now there is seven games remaining and we can do nothing, but bow down before Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich, who have done the impossible and trumped last years impressive season.

In a video from Adidas Pep discusses how winning his first season in charge of a new team was and how he has welcomed the challenge of keeping up the high levels of play.

So far Bayern have won two trophies, the Fifa World Cup for clubs and the German Bundesliga. They are still in contention for the German Cup and then they are also in with a chance of becoming the first team to win the Champions League two years in a row. And when you are on a record-breaking streak like they are, why not just go for them all?

Pep definitely isn't planning to rest on his laurels: “I hope they (the club and fans) are happy, but they have naturally won lots of titles, so this is just another one for the trophy cabinet. But I feel we can improve things and become even better.” - Now isn't that a frightening thought for other clubs around the world.

Bayern Munich have for some time built up their invincibility. The Bundesliga Champions have not lost a league game for 52 rounds in a row. An impressive record, which doesn't look like breaking any time soon. But what do you think about Pep Guardiola's impact and the teams success? Could this team be the best ever? We would love to hear from you in the comment-section down below.