Nike present their “Fais Briller Le Jeu” video - Spark Brilliance on the pitch


Written by Mathias

Football is contagious and one brilliant move can change the course of history. Nike have launched their “Fais Briller Le Jeu” video to kick off their Euro 2016 campaign, which shows how one football moment spurred Blaise Matuidi on to become the superstar he is today.

It’s a Nike football video, so you just know it’s going to be good, but mark my words, this is special even by their standards. The injection of awesome inspiration is based on the career of France international Blaise Matuidi, who recalls the moment he witnessed his childhood idol Jay-Jay Okocha change a game with a single piece of football brilliance.

“Jay-Jay Okocha was my favorite player as a young boy. I used to love to watch him play for my team. “He was the player who lifted the team and the fans with moments of skill and ability on the ball. Seeing his moments of brilliance inspired me to make it happen.” - Blaise Matuidi

Now it’s Blaise Matuidi you see sparking brilliance on the pitch, and his skill are what will inspire teammates, fans and most importantly future generations!

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