Earlier this month Nike marked the 20th anniversary of the legendary Tiempo –collection, by inviting media people, from all around Europe, to a grand event in Munich. Attending the grand event was Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng and Shawn Hoy, who is the Global Footwear Product Director from Nike, ohh and Joltter of course. While there he got the chance to test out the new Tiempo Legend, as well as chat with both Boateng and Shawn Hoy.

Many football boots stand out in our memory as iconic football boots, but few carry the heritage and pride of Nikes Tiempo-collection. The football boot, which first saw the light of day, at the World cup in USA 1994, was worn by massive stars like Romario and Maldini. In connection with the presentation of the brand new Tiempo XX Pack in Munich, Nike had invited Boateng, who naturally is also a Tiempo player.

Boateng does admit that it is not the looks that determine his choice of boots: “It’s mostly off the pitch that it’s important”. He does however go on to say: “Nike are really creative, I like their stuff, what they do with clothes and shoes. I’m really happy to be at Nike.” As an extra little gift for Unisport, Boateng also signed a pair of the very newest Tiempo Legend V.

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The Nike Tiempo was the first football boot that had the privilege of carrying the famous Nike swoosh and this adds something very special to the Tiempo-collection: “It’s hard to know where you are going, when you do not know where you have come from and what Tiempo reminded us, as a silo, is that we need to respect our heritage, but we can also take major risks.” Says Shawn Hoy.

At the event itself, Nike invited a number of media people from all across Europe and before Boateng and Hoy took the stage, Nike’s guests got a chance to try the newest Tiempo Legend V. Joltter was naturally among them and he showed off his usual tricks and flicks, at an underground five-a-side pitch. There probably weren’t any scouts among the audience, but if there was, they would have been impressed.

Click here, if you would also like to get your hands on a pair of the new Nike Tiempo Legend V. - just €166.

In their big tribute to the Tiempo-collection, Nike hadn’t settled for just a football boot, but also made a Tiempo 94 sneaker. It was made to celebrate the original design from the first Tiempo, with the oversized boot tongue. It is a combination, which Nike have never tried before: “This boot we are taking risks, certainly from an aesthetic point of view and here extending this point of view into lifestyle, is something we’ve never done before.”

The Tiempo-collection is full of heritage and history, which Nike are naturally very proud of and they showed their fondness of their first boot, by celebrating it in Munich last month. What is your best Tiempo-collection memory and what do you think of the new Tiempo Legend V? Let us know in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.