CR7 Natural Diamond: Free Flyknit Mercurial and other nice stuff


Written by Jonathan Baez

In the second chapter of Cristiano Ronaldo and his Mercurial Superfly CR7, it's all about his tough adjustment from island-life to Lisbon. Nike have created an entire collection of gear and clothing, which you can get a closer look at here.

In the latest collection, which is tied to the launch of the Mercurial Superfly CR7 Natural Diamond, Nike have continued their tradition of following up with a collection of other matching products. This is first and foremost with the incredibly popular Free Flyknit Mercurial, at the vanguard, but also with a series of perfomance products like the Flash T-Shirt, MercurialX Proximo, Mercurial Lite shin pads and Prestige ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo is much more than just a footballer at this point. He is an icon and that basically means everything he touches turns to gold. Cristiano is living proof that a decisive nature can lead to success. Nike have chosen to honour this success, not once, but a whopping seven times. And each new chapter will bring with it matching clothing- and gear collections.

You can find all CR7 related products right here.