There are now no more than 136 days to go, before the World Cup extravaganza kicks off, and it will be the big brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma who are going to dominate the show, as they represent 10, 8 and 8 national teams respectively.

It's just 132 days now. To some it may feel like a long time, but we are closer than ever to this summer’s big World Cup tournament and the brands beginning to get ready for the party. Some national teams have already unveiled their new World Cup shirts, while others will get new shirts in the beginning of this year. We now take a closer look at the teams that are going to the World Cup, and who will be responsible for the shirt designs.

In group A we are surely looking at some truly exciting fixtures. The group includes host favourites Brazil, unpredictable Croatia, exciting Mexico, and also wild Cameroon. In other words, we are talking about a rather explosive group where we can expect the teams to fight for every single point.

The hosts from Brazil are naturally getting a lot of attention these days. Expectations are high for the Brazilian players, who will be wearing a brand new shirt from Nike. The football shirt is inspired by the Brazilian joy for football, passion and excitement, and displays a simplistic design with focus on what's truly important: the yellow colour and the Brazilian logo.

Less attention is to be found in connection with Croatia, but one should certainly not underestimate the team from the Balkans, who in recent times have proved to be very strong in the the big tournaments. The team has not yet gotten a new shirt for their quest in Brazil, but it will be Nike who will be behind the new shirt to make them all set for Brazil. Earlier we have seen some pretty wild designs for the Croatia shirts and will certainly be exciting to see what Nike have up their sleeves.

Mexico may be regarded as an outsider, who might not have the biggest expectations to carry, but still not a team to underestimate. The Central American country has some very gifted players, and if they are able to make the collective work, we may see something big from them. The team has already been well dressed by Adidas, who have created a football shirt that is elegant, simplistic and yet still colourful.

The African countries are known to bring a lot of joy and fresh spirit to the table, and this is certainly also the case when speaking of Cameroon. Previously known to display some wild and attention demanding football shirts, and we are surely looking forward to seeing what Puma have come up with for this tournament. We don't know anything yet, but we are confident that it will be a wild and strong football shirt that the Cameroon players will put on.

In group B we will definitely also see a battle for points, and we are in for a repetition of the last World Cup final where the Netherlands faced Spain, who sealed the deal after extra time. The Dutch will hereby have the chance to get back at Spaniards, but they will also have to be aware of the outsider Chile, who should not be forgotten.

Spain are among the top favourites to lift the World Cup trophy in the end. This is only natural as they are currently both defending European- and World Champions. If they win again this summer, they will both be double World- and European Champions, which must be the wildest dream of all footballers. Adidas have already sorted the team out well, and the result is a shirt with one key focus ¬Ė to take the gold home again.

A country with proud traditions is the Netherlands, and we believe that they are extremely hungry. At the last World Cup back in 2010, they made it all the way to the final, which they lost after extra time. In other words, we can expect a dedicated Dutch national team, who are looking to rise to the absolute top level. As we have seen previously, Nike are in charge of the Dutch wardrobes, and we are still waiting with excitement to see what's in store for Oranje.

Chile are going in to the tournament without the biggest of expectations of gold and medals. Still, the South American team is one that shouldn't be underestimated, as their team includes one of the sharpest offensive players in Europe, in the form of Barcelona's Alexis Sanchez. Puma are on the job to create the Chilean national team shirt, and what the result will be is certainly something that we will keep an eye on.

Australia may not be known as the biggest of football nations, but are still known to deliver surprises in tournaments, and make a name for themselves. The question is if a bunch of players from the top leagues in Europe will be enough for Australia to the business. The shirt is once again delivered by Nike, who have yet to reveal what we can expect, but we believe there is something exciting on the way.

Group C doesn't look like the strongest when looking at the stats, and the teams will surely see this as there chance. They all have a fair chance to make it through the group stage, and we are looking at true battle between Colombia, Greece, the Ivory Coast and Japan.

Colombia may not be the talk of town at this year’s World Cup tournament, but it is certainly a team with the potential to surprise. The team may not include superstar players, but a good collective has been the key to success before. If we look at the shirt from Adidas, it certainly looks like there is a good result on its way. The shirt is elegant, simplistic and includes a lot of South American football passion.

To most people’s surprise, they won the EURO 2004, but since then we have not seen that much of the Greek team in the big tournaments. Anyhow, you never really know what to expect from the Greeks, and it will be exciting to follow the development of the team. Nike are responsible for their football shirt, and we are very much looking forward to see what the result will be.

The Ivory Coast has always been a joy to follow at the big tournaments. They have the famous African optimism and spirit that can mean trouble for even the biggest of teams. Once again, their shirt will be in the hands of Puma, and when thinking back at some of their previous shirts, it will certainly be well exciting to see what the result will be this time around.

Japan may enter the tournament without having to carry the biggest expectations, but you never know what the very proud country can deliver. We have previously seen the Japanese do very well at World Cup tournaments and the question is if they can repeat the success of earlier days. Adidas have already launched a shirt for the Japanese to wear at the World Cup, and we are talking about an elegant shirt with a fantastic design.

The D in this group must be for Dynamite. We are certainly in for some really tough and intense battles between some of the best national teams on the planet. With three strong teams in the shape of England, Uruguay and Italy, no one can tell what will happen. One thing is certain though, Costa Rica are going to battling with the big boys in this group, but maybe that much talked about South American advantage could work in their favour.

The expectations for Uruguay at this summer’s tournament are very much resting on one person in particular, Luis Suarez. His creativity and skill in front of the goal is outstanding, and as the undisputed top-scorer in the Premier League, it is only natural that people will be expecting him to find the back of the net on more than one occasion in Brazil. Uruguay will visit Brazil in a football shirt from Puma, which we are looking forward to see.

In Costa Rica they are probably happy enough to have even qualified for this summer¬ís World Cup tournament. You will probably also have to be more than slightly optimistic to believe that Costa Rica are going to get away with big results in Brazil, but again ¬Ė you never know in football. In terms of the shirt, the team from Costa Rica have partnered up with Lotto.

It has been quite a while, 48 years to be more exact, since England last won the World Cup. Yet again expectations will be high in the proudest of football nations. If they will do the business this time around, only time will tell, but they will definitely be well dressed for the occasion. Nike is the brand behind the shirt, and we are still waiting with excitement to see what they have up the sleeve.

You can’t deny that Italy are a definite outsider for the World Cup-title. At the last few tournaments the Gli Azzurri have done remarkably well. With their World Cup triumph in 2006 and 2nd place at the Euro’s in 2012, there is plenty of reason to believe the Italian collective can prevail in Brazil. It will once again be Puma, who are responsible for delivering Balotelli and the rest of the squads kits and what they will come up with, we will be following intensely.

Group E is a tough one to predict. It does not look like one of the strongest groups, but then again. With France, Switzerland and Ecuador we expect a good fight for the two decisive top spots, and another open question is, if Honduras will be able to create trouble for some of the bigger teams with a little surprise.

Switzerland is another wild-card. It's hard to tell how they will perform, but based on their performance in the World Cup qualifiers, they may very well create some trouble for the bigger teams. Puma will have the pleasure of delivering the shirts for the Swiss team and only time will tell what will come out of this cooperation. We have previously seen some rather elegant football shirts, and we speculate if this will also be the case this time around.

Ecuador will enter this tournament with energy and great courage. How far this will take them only time will tell, but they are certainly gonna try and deliver a good result. The rather small brand Marathon will deliver the shirts for Ecuador and we are excited to see what they will bring to the table.

France just barely qualified for this summer’s tournament, but there is no denying that the World Cup fever has certainly hit the country since then. There will once again be heaps of expectations resting on les bleus. The question is; can they use the momentum to deliver a good result? They certainly have the team to deliver, and Nike have also dressed the players for success. France have gotten a simplistic and very elegant shirt, which will be a treat to follow in Brazil.

Let's be honest. It is hard to imagine that Honduras will take home the gold this summer. That would pretty much be the biggest footballing surprise of the century, but as they say ¬Ė anything can happen in football. For the tournament in Brazil, the team will have their shirts delivered from Joma.

Group F looks almost like walkover for Argentina. The South American team would surely be disappointed if they didn’t make it through the groups stages at top spot. Still, they will meet some tough competition from Bosnia Herzegovina with Nigeria and Iran as the outsiders.

Argentina will arrive with a hunger for victory. It will be the ultimate victory for Lionel Messi to be able to take the World Cup Championship, which would further add to his status as a superstar. For Messi and the rest of the team's road towards the World Cup trophy, Argentina have been given an elegant shirt from Adidas, which will certainly steal some attention in the neighbouring country Brazil.

Bosnia-Herzegovina will go to the tournament as outsiders, and it will be exciting to see if they will be able to change this label. If Bosnia are going to do the business, it will require a top focused team effort; it is the somewhat unknown brand Legea who will deliver the shirt. It will be interesting to follow both the shirt and Bosnia Herzegovina’s performance at the World Cup.

Iran are not amongst the favourites to bring home the title, but the question is, as always, if they can deliver an upset and make their marks amongst the big teams. The team may not have the biggest of profiles, but football is known to be mysterious game, which doesn’t always turn out as predicted. The shirt for the tournament will be delivered by the brand Uhl, who are facing quite the task to be able to deliver a World Cup ready shirt.

Nigeria have been known to produce some very big footballers through the time, even though the team currently does not include the biggest stars you never know what the team can do in a tournament like this. The team will wear a shirt from Adidas, which we are still looking forward to seeing.

Group G is most definitely also among the strongest in the tournament. While the biggest expectations are for Portugal and Germany, Ghana and USA are surely not teams that should be underestimated. Every point is going to be important in this group, which will be very interesting to follow.

Germany are going to Brazil with great expectations on their shoulders. With a golden generation, now is the time for the Germans to go all the way and win a trophy. In the last couple of tournaments they have been so close, and since then the team has only gotten stronger. Unsurprisingly it is Adidas who have delivered the shirt, and we are talking about an elegant piece of clothing with a nice big red wing across the chest.

Portugal have, over the last years, been carried by one superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. He will once again be the deciding factor, for the Portuguese on the pitch, a project that will be very interesting to follow. Portugal have, for many years, had a close cooperation with Nike, and they will once again deliver the shirt for Cristiano Ronaldo and company.

Ghana are always a joy to follow at tournaments, and it will be interesting to see what the African team can deliver this time around. Puma will deliver the shirt, and what the two partners will come up with is something we will keep a sharp eye on.

Football (or soccer as an American would say) is becoming a bigger and bigger sport in America, and we expect that there will be a great numbers of Americans watching the TV to follow the American team as they fight for triumph at the world cup. Not surprisingly it is Nike who deliver the shirt, and we are confident that they will do their very best to meet the demands from the growing popularity.

Group H looks to provide a good opportunity for especially Russia and Belgium in terms of securing the decisive tickets to progress on in the tournament. Yet, it's hard to tell if Algeria and South Korea can do the business and one things is certain, all the teams with fight to make it through the group stage.

A lot of people seem to be expecting big things from Belgium, and they may be regarded as the favourites in terms of providing a surprise ¬Ė if one can be that. Belgium currently have a golden generation with numerous technically gifted players from the biggest European leagues, and it shall be highly interesting to see if the stars can join together and provide a big result. It is the smaller brand Burrda who are gonna deliver the shirt for Belgium.

Algeria may not be a team that many of us expect big things from, and in reality it might just be themselves who truly believe in it. Anyhow, you never know if the previously French colony will be this summer’s big surprise. The shirt is delivered by Puma, and the result is something that we will look forward to.

Russia have over the last years become quite a powerhouse, especially in terms of European football, and have proved that there is reason to count on them for this summer’s tournament. The team has a couple of very gifted players, and if things work out for them, then you never know. The team will be wearing an elegant shirt from Adidas, which has already been revealed.

South Korea are back in the World Cup, and time will tell what they are made of. They have previously shown rather impressive results, and on home soil back in 2002 they reached the semi-finals. If they are to make it that far again this time around it will surely require a performance well over average, and we will naturally keep an eye on whether it will Nike who are to deliver the Korean national team shirt.

tIt will be extremely exciting to follow all of the highly interesting countries, as well as their football shirts at the World Cup this summer. Which football shirt are you looking forward to the most? And who do you think will win the World Cup? Feel free to share your comments here, or on Facebook and Twitter.