We have decided to look further into the various Adidas stud configurations, and we now kick off the video series by taking a closer look at the SG stud configuration, which is essential when the pitch is wet.

In many areas of the world it can be a rather wet and slippery experience to be a football player. For example, around the Unisportstore Headquarters we do not only have to fight the cold; the rain is also a natural part of our of lives.

This quite naturally leads to the pitches getting soft, muddy and really wet – and if you are then wearing a pair of traditional FG boots, you might be in for quite a challenge, and the risk of slipping and sliding is greatly increased.

The reason why the FG studs do not grip very well on wet and soft pitches is that there are too many studs and also that they are too short. With soft pitches you need to get deeper into the pitch in order to get the best grip possible.

In addition the large number of studs on the FG boots also means that there will be less pressure on each stud, and therefore they will not go as deep into the ground. The thought is, that the smaller the pressure area is, the stronger the pressure will be.

In this matter, the SG stud configuration is just the solution you are looking for, as it provides a better pitch grip due to its less, but longer metal studs. The Adidas soft ground stud configuration is although, no longer made with just 6 metal studs, which was the norm for a long time.

The Adidas SG stud configuration is made with a mix of SG- and FG studs, so give you both the good grip from the SG studs, along with the slightly shorter FG studs that will serve as support studs and hereby increase the comfort substantially. The reasoning is that the SG studs would sometimes feel a bit unstable when sitting alone, and now Adidas have done something about it.

Adidas hereby, follow Nike, who with their SG-pro has decided to mix metal studs with the classic plastic studs, which we know so well from the FG stud configurations.

Now, the SG should not be considered the universally best stud configuration, as it only functions really well and is comfortable on soft pitches, where the metal studs can penetrate the ground. If the ground is too hard for the studs to penetrate, then SG studs should not be used, as you then will have the risk of twisting your knees and joints, lower comfort and in the worst case injuries.

The Adidas SG stud configuration is made to provide an optimal pitch grip an comfort when the pitch outside is wet and heavy. What do you think of the Adidas SG stud configuration? Ans which stud configuration do you use? Leave us a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.