He is an icon both on and off the pitch, and we have taken a closer look at the new Cristiano Ronaldo underwear- and sock collection. In a new campaign we take you close to the new and luscious underwear and socks and give you a feeling of the many different designs.

It's quite the star that Danish clothing makers from JBS have managed to land a deal with. He is nothing short of quite possibly the biggest football icon on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid star and JBS have teamed up to deliver a brand new underwear- and sock collection, and in our new campaign we take a closer look at the luscious gear.

The underwear- and sock collection is made to display the style and elegance, which has become synonymous with Cristiano Ronaldo. Both when he is on the pitch, but also when he makes an appearance off the pitch. Style conscious and confident, Ronaldo steals the attention no matter if he is in Bernabeau or on the red carpet.

The CR7 underwear has been developed in close cooperation between JBS, Cristiano Ronaldo and New York designer Richard Chai. Everything from the development of the design, the colours and the fabrics chosen have been considered in close cooperation. In other words, nothing has been left to chance and both Ronaldo and Chai have created an underwear- and sock collection that they can both be very proud of. And which includes a wide range of different designs.

With the different series; basic, fashion and luxury you can find underwear to fit any taste, and also budget. The fabrics used for the underwear is among the very best on the market, and there has been no compromise on neither design nor fabrics used. All together the Cristiano Ronaldo underwear- and sock collection is a safe winner when it's time to fill up the clothing drawer.

With the new underwear- and sock collection, JBS, Cristiano Ronaldo and Richard Chai have created a line of unique and elegant clothes. It clearly displays the stylish view on fashion by Richard Chai and Cristiano Ronaldo's unique and confident style, and with this new campaign we take you very close to all the new and luscious clothes.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's cooperation with Danish JBS has resulted in a very elegant and stylish underwear collection, and in a new campaign we take a closer look at the underwear- and sock collection. What do you think of the collection? And which design do you prefer: basic, fashion or luxury? Feel free to leave a comment either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.