In the search for young, talented footballers without a contract, Nike Chance had reached the final event at the St. George's Park in England, also home of the English national team. Here, 32 young players fought to secure one of the six spots at the Nike Academy – and Scandinavia was well represented with Danish Claus and Swedish Ermal.

Over a weekend in the beginning of November it went down at the St. George's Park in England. Here the final of Nike Chance was held, where 29 young players got the opportunity to prove just why they should be selected for the Nike Academy, who offer the young players a full time spot in the academy, lead by chief coach Jimmy Gilligan. Here the players will live as professionals, and even play against academies from some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

We naturally went along as the Nike Chance final was held, and were excited to follow the Danish keeper Claus Hennie – who had advanced from the Nike Chance event in Zeist – and was once again ready to see if he could grab his chance.

But Claus was not alone having a burning wish to make it to the Nike Academy – and nor was he the only one who had advanced from the Zeist event. Swedish Ermal Hejdari with the brilliant technique was also there, and how the two Scandinavians did you can see in the video.

Here you can also see how it went as the players went through a medical check, did the physical Nike SPARQ test, and also displayed their skills in various technical exercises. In addition, they were given quite the task as they were spit into two teams and put up against the Nike Academy. In other words – football, football and more football over a couple of days with fantastic experiences for the young players.

In the end just 6 players were selected for the Nike Academy – and they now have the opportunity to show off their talent and go all the way. For the others, well it is not over and they will keep on fighting to one day realise their dream.

What do you think of the Nike Chance final at St. George's Park, and what would you do in order to stand out among so many young talented players? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.