Nike have launched a new Hi-Vis winter collection, which has been created to let you attract just the right kind of attention in the winter dark, and not least to help you stay warm. The collection is designed with the unique Hi-Vis style, that makes you visible from top to toe.

It is happening slowly but surely. The temperature is dropping, it is getting darker and the cold winter is creeping in on us. This does not mean that you will have take take a break form our beloved football and switch it out with the television- or computer screen. Nike have launched a Hi-Vis winter collection, which is here to enable you to stay warm and keep training during the winter.

Hereby you can stay top fit and be a hundred percent ready when the new season kicks off when spring is yet upon us. It is still well out in the future, but if you are looking to be ahead of your competition it's all about staying fit and keeping on training, even if the weather is not always welcoming.

Very cold weather can often be quite a challenge to your body temperature, and it can have a great effect on how you perform. With cold air, rain and maybe even snow it can be a challenge to keep your body functioning normally; luckily Nike are ready to help you out. The latests technologies have been included for the Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm shirts, that help to keep you warm even in the toughest conditions, as well as wick the sweat and moisture away from your body.

Whether if you are Zlatan Ibrahimovic or just a happy amateur player, it is of key importance to keep the physical, as well as mental surplus. This initially requires that that your body is fully functioning, and therefore the Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm pants have been developed to facilitate constant muscle performance. Whether we are talking training or match, the base layer will keep you dry even in the toughest of weather conditions.

There is no getting around that it requires some good leg muscle to be a great football player. Therefore, it is also important to take good care of your leg muscles if you want to perform to your full potential. The Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Compression Shorts will provide the optimal conditions for your legs. In addition to keeping your muscles warm, the shorts will also provide the compression needed to ensure optimal blood flow, with the result that you can keep running for longer.

But if it is getting really cold out there, it may still be a challenge to stay warm in a pair of shorts – also even if it's the super nice Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm. Therefore, the collection also includes the Nike – Pro Hyperwarm Compression tights, which are also equipped with Nike's warmth keeping and muscle optimising technologies. Here, are ready to challenge even the toughest of weather conditions and never let your play be limited by the surrounding conditions.

On a dark day or night, you will also need a ball that is visible, and can attract the needed amount of attention. And one can only say that the new Nike Incyte Hi-Vis football can live up to this. The ball is a result of Nike's continuous work to develop new technologies, and the ball is optimised to improve the ability to react, the touch, how the ball travels through the air, and also the visibility. The new Nike Incite Hi-Vis is now used in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, and recently got its début.

It's all about being seen in the dark and demand attention. Including your football boots. Earlier this autumn, Nike launched their Hi-Vis collection, which include some sharp and very much attention demanding colourways for their Vapor, Maestri, Hypervenom and Tiempo. The boots are made to be seen, and seen they surely will be every weekend on the feet of some of the biggest stars in the world of football.

When the new Nike Incyte ball got it's début in the weekend, we got to see the super sharp combination of the hi-Vis ball and the Hi-Vis boots. It was a true explosion of colours, and there was no doubt that it demanding a lot of attention.

With the new Hi-Vis winter collection you will have every option to be visible and stay warm, even in cold weather conditions. What do you think of the Hi-Vis winter collection? And which products are your favourites? Feel free to share your comments either in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.