Trusox have quickly spread around the football world, and more and more players are using the technically advanced socks to improve their game. We have met the creator of Trusox in order to learn more, you can see how it went down right here.

It's technical, advanced and it has now managed to spread around the world of football as fast as the wave going around a stadium. Today an increasing number of players are using Trusox to improve their performance, and that is not for no reason. The socks are created to maximise your power transfer and prevent you from slipping and sliding about in your boots.

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In this WebTV interview we meet the creator of Trusox, Jim Cherneski, who explains why Trusox is among the best on the market, and why we are seeing to many stars wearing his socks. Jim also explains how it all started out, so if you would like to hear how an idea like this comes about, then check out the video above.

The concept behind Trusox is actually just as simple as it is genius. Trusox are equipped with little non-slip pads, that improve the friction between foot and sock, as well as sock and boot. Hereby you can avoid slipping and sliding about in your boots, and will therefore be able to wave goodbye to the constantly annoying blisters.

The little non-slip panels are located on the inside, as well as the outside of the sock, and the reason for that is, that it is not enough that you don't slip in your boots. It is also necessary that you don't slide around in your socks, as they are often made of a rather slippery material, which can result in blisters and small burn marks.

Jim Cherneski is not only the founder of Trusox, and current president, he is also a former professional football player. He played in the USA, and back then he kept getting annoyed that his foot would slide about in his boot, no matter what boot he would wear. This made him develop the Trusox, and today many players are well happy that Jim took this action.

Victor Moses was one of the very first players to wear the Trusox, and quickly the urge to make the most of your play spread around footballers all over the world. From the hobby level players and all the way to the biggest stars, including Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, among others.

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Today, Trusox are one of the most recognised performance enhancing products. It prevents you from slipping and sliding about in your boot, not matter what boot you are wearing. But what do you think of the Trusox? And is it something that you make use of? Feel free to share your comment in the box below, or on Facebook and twitter.