The adidas Copa SL Court - Elegance hits the street and indoor pitches


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Yesterday morning adidas presented their modern rendition of the iconic adidas Copa boots and today they follow-up on that launch with a streetwise version too. adidas are on a roll and ready to rule the street and indoor courts.

On the new adidas Copa SL Court Limited Edition the design team have taken the bold new design from Die Drei Streifens latest addition to their Limited Collection and presented it with their court sole, which features the immensely popular Boost technology.

The adidas Boost midsole has done nothing short of revolutionised the world of running, streetwear and small-sided football, where it has become a guarantee of unparalleled comfort and style. The recognisable technology is built up around a series tiny polyurethane capsules that absorb energy, store it and then unleash it to give you a smoother ride and more powerful kick-off. On the new adidas Copa SL Court Limited Edition you can spot it on the heel of the shoes, where the bubble design really stands out.

adidas’ new Copa SL Court shoes are not made with a leather upper like the old Copa Mundial football boots, but rather a Hybridtouch synthetic. This might frighten fans of the original, but the modern material not only makes the boots lighter and sleeker, it also still delivers the trademark high-levels of comfort. At the same time, despite all the major changes, adidas have made sure not to remove the iconic fold-over boot tongue - good call!

If you want to add a bit of Limited Collection class to your street game, then you can find the adidas Copa SL Court shoes right here.