Adidas have put their vicious Predator LZ II on a low fat diet lately and this has resulted in an elegant and light Adidas Predator LZ II SL. We put the new elegant boot under the loop to see, what Adidas have spoiled us with this time.

It is developing into a bit of a tradition for Adidas to launch a slimmer and thin version of the iconic Predator-boot and with this Adidas Predator LZ II SL, the German brand continue to develop a boot for the footballer, who wants minimal weight. The ever growing Predator family has gotten a new member, in the elegant colour combination red, white and black. We welcome the new boot by taking a look at its slim predatory DNA.

If the brand new Adidas Predator LZ II SL sounds like just what you have been looking for, then you can already order the boot now – just €261.

One of the biggest differences between the classic Adidas Predator LZ II and the Predator LZ II SL is the upper. Instead of the HybridTouch-material, they have gone for the thin Sprintskin-upper, which we know and love from the Adidas F50 Adizero. This helps to keep the weight of the boot at an impressive 199 grams, which means there is just 34 grams down to the full-bred lightweight boot, the Adidas F50 Adizero.

Even though it is a Sprintskin-upper, which we know from the F50 Adizero, there has still been found room for the five Lethal Zones, which make the Predator LZ II such an extraordinary control boot. With Pass, Drive, Dribble, Sweet Spot and First Touch Adidas have created a boot that is designed to refine every detail of your play and ensure brilliant contact with the ball.

With the Predator LZ II SL, Adidas have worked very hard to unite low weight, with great ball control. One of the trickiest challenges has been to transfer the Lethal Zones onto the ultra thin Sprintskin upper and Adidas have had to melt the specially made SL rubber onto the boot. At the same time the Germans have, thanks to feedback from their professionals, changed the build and geometry of the rubber elements, so you get optimal ball control.

With Dribble, which you find on the lateral side of the boot, Adidas have chosen to increase the area with 80 percent, as to improve your passing with the lateral side of the boot, as well as dribbling. On the Pass Zone on the medial side of the boot, Adidas have added the special SL-rubber instead of the Memory Foam.

The Drive Zone, which you find on the top part of the instep, has also been made larger, 28 percent to be precise, something Adidas hope will give a larger strike surface and more aggressive flight. There have also been some changes to the so called Sweet Spot, which is designed to improve your strike, when you try to bend your freekicks like Xavi. Adidas have once again increased the area, this time by 18 percent.

The outsole is the extremely lightweight Sprintframe outsole, which weighs close to nothing. Even though it is so light and in some areas is just 1mm thick, it is still very durable and springy. This gives a very explosive kick-off, which aids your acceleration and makes this boot a real speedster.

The stud-configuration is one we know very well indeed and that is the so called Traxion 2.0-system. It is based on triangular studs that have become synonymous with Adidas' boots. They give a very good pitch grip, no matter if you are twisting, turning, accelerating, or decelerating. This gives you the tools you need, if you want to get to the ball first.

With Adidas' Predator LZ II SL you get a boot, which is not only made to control the ball, but also a boot born with a need, a need for speed. With just 199 grams the new Adidas Predator LZ II SL is one of the lightest on sale and if you want this unique combination of control and speed, then this is definitely a boot worth considering.

If the brand new Adidas Predator LZ II SL sounds like just what you have been looking for, then you can already order the boot now – just €261.

With the Adidas Predator LZ II SL, the German brand has created a boot, which gives both speed and control. It is an exciting addition to the Predator family, which looks very elegant in red, white and black. What do you think about the new Adidas Predator LZ II SL? Do you like the regular Predator, or do you think the Superlight version is the best? We would love to hear your comments in the box down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.