Nike have made a special Nike Mercurial Vapor IX for Abby Wambach, who this summer beat an impressive world record by scoring her international goal number 159. We have taken a look at the colourful Nike boot here.

You often hear international players saying how much of an honour it is to score for the national side and if that is the case, then the American national superstar, Abby Wambach, is quite an honoured footballer. She can now boast the world record for most international goals ever and what could be better, than remembering this fact, every time you look down and see a pair of especially made Nike Mercurial Vapor IX to celebrate just this.

The people at Nike put their brilliant graphical department on the case, of finding an adequate way of celebrating Abby Wambach and her unique achievement, something that has resulted in a very special boot. Abby Wambach has had a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor IX delivered, where her total goal tally of 159 is marked for the world to see. Mia Hamm had the previous record of 158 goals, but with 159 goals Wambach leapfrogged her, something Nike marked with this brilliant boot.

There aren't many things left to chance, when it comes Abby Wambach's boots. Something as simple as the laces have been thoroughly thought through and have Strong and Fearless embroidered. And that is something you have to say Abby Wambach is, when she single-handedly demolishes opponent defenses.

You have to say that Abby Wambach's career is one worthy of celebrating. Not only is she the holder of the impressive world record, but she is also a 5 times American Footballer of the Year winner, ohh and she just won gold at the Olympics. Nor does she look like stopping any time soon, as she just added to her goals total, scoring her goal number 160 against Mexico this Tuesday, while wearing her new boots.

The question is, how much can she add to her newly acquired World record? At the still reasonably tender age of 33 years, with plenty of speed, technical ability and goals in her boots, Wambach doesn't look like stopping. This is also marked by Nike, who have written the words Unstoppable on the heel, which is quite fitting for someone who has just smashed a World record. The rest of us, who haven't broken any world records, have to watch with envy, as Abby Wambach takes to the field in the specially designed Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, which won't be for sale anywhere.

Abby Wambach's achievement is very impressive and here at Unisport we applaud both her mammoth feat and Nike's brilliant boot. What do you think about the new boots? And do you think she can make it all the watch to 200 goals? As always we would love to hear from you in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.