Last week, we went to Paris with Nike who held a Hypervenom Knock-out tournament, with a bunch of technically gifted young players, who all had great focus on attack – as well as that there was also an appearance from one the the worlds very best in that discipline.

We quickly got excited when the invitation from Nike and the Hypervenom Paris Knock-out tournament popped in at the Unisport HQ's. 32 teams, each with 3 players who were all competing for the top spot in the category: A New Breed of Attack.

The tournament was held in connection with Nike's new boot made for this specific type of attacker, who is able to create space out of nothing. It was played on a small indoor pitch with just a single goal – so in other words, it was all about doing the unexpected and beating your direct opponent.

We got to go behind the event, and tried the Knock-out tournament on our own, we also got to meet the tournaments special guest, who also has plenty of experience with the small sided play on the street from when he was young – today he is one of the best attackers in the world.

We are working on a nice video form the event for you guys, and we have made this little teaser to give you an idea of what you can look forward to.

With a great tournament that included loads of nice goals, excellent technique and will to win, the many participants got to go home one great experience richer – and very soon you will be able to see more from the tournament. What do you think of the Hypervenoms? Are they just what you have been looking for?