We have made a brand new campaign-site that is dedicated to one single, yet big question, which has been created by the boot releases this summer. The question is: Do you like the fresh and summery colourways, or do you prefer the elegant, black boots?

They have been bombarding us all summer, one by one. New boots in nice, elegant and summery colours. Sometimes it can be hard to get the full overview of all the new boots, but we would certainly like to help you get just that. We have made a new campaign-site, where we ask the simple question: Are you fresh or stealth?

Are you Stealth or Fresh? Visit our big campaign-site here and make your choice.

But what does this question cover. Well it is whether you like football boots, where the paintbrush has been used diligently, or rather ones where the tone is calmer, with black being the dominant colour. It is however far from as simple as it sounds and it can take some serious thinking to reach a final decision.

A pair of the boots you could be in doubt, as to which to choose, could be the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom, which come in two unique version. The colourful launch colour is sure to look sharp on the feet of players around the world, with a fresh Orange being the dominant colour. A strong alternative could be choosing the dark Stealth version, where just the classic Nike-swoosh, is coloured with a crimson tone.

If you are more of an Adidas F50 Adizero kind of guy, you too face a bit of a dilema. Do you want the lightning quick and popular speed boot in the blackout colourway, or would you rather have the white variation. Regardless of which one you pick, you get a boot that has been optimised to perfection and with its just 156 grams you get one of the lightest ever boots.

Are you Stealth or Fresh? Visit our big campaign-site here and make your choice.

Another tough choice arises, if you are getting your hands on the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, which is the latest boot in Nike's revered Mercurial-collection. Here you can get the elegant black and white version, which is part of Nike's cool Stealth Pack. If you think this is a little too calm for a boot, as explosive as the Mercurial, then you can also get the flamey yellow and orange coloured model, which Cristiano Ronaldo is the front figure for.

We can't promise that you will get a moment of clarity and finally decide which side you prefer, but our campaign-site is definitely an excellent place to start. So keep that in mind when picking a new boot from the summer: Are you Fresh or Stealth?


The summer has brought us plenty of awesome new boot launches. Both some with flamboyant and sizzling colourways and others with elegant black colourways. We are struggling to pick a winner and have therefore made campaign-site, where you can get the full overview. Which boot do you think is this summers big newcomer? And are you fresh or stealth? As always we would love to hear your comments here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.