Nike launch a new video-series with the title England Matters, it goes behind the English national team and the dreams of an entire nation heading into the World Cup in Brazil. In the first episode of four, we hear from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Daniel Sturridge, to hear about the pride they feel, when they pull the England shirt over their head.

If there is one thing the English specialise in – maybe bar drinking lager and humerus football chanting – it is broken dreams. Ever since the World Cup triumph in 1966 they have been hungering to once more be crowned kings of the world. There has been plenty of times, where there was reason to believe they could. Most recently the nation had high hopes for the so called golden generation, but they too, year after year, went home empty handed.

Now a completely new English national team will try to bring football home and with a new video-series Nike go behind the national team and the English dreams ahead of the World Cup in Brazil. The video is called England Matters and here you quite clearly feel the pressure, which the players feel rests on their shoulders. In the first episode we hear from the young talents Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Daniel Sturridge, how it has been for them since they joined the national side, - the ups, as well as the downs.

The video shows us the struggles of Daniel Sturridge, who had his dream turned to a nightmare, when he in his first game starting for England got injured. We also feel the exhilaration felt by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, when he scored a pearler of a goal against Brazil, during the opening match at the Maracanã.

Both Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Daniel Sturridge hope and dream of being part of the English set-up, when they head to Brazil next summer. The competition for spots is tough and as the title of the video-series suggests, it means something to these players. Next episode Nike catch up with Manchester United stars Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverly and their fight for England and the English people.

With the videos 'England Matters', Nike get underneath the skin of the English national side and you get a sense of the expectations and the dreams of someday being crowned world champions. What do you think of the videos with Chamberlain and Sturridge? And how do you think England will fare at next years World Cup in Brazil? As always we would love to hear your comments here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.