Puma have made a video, where Arsenals Mikel Arteta, wearing his Puma King, shows us, just how to play the cutting pass that ultimately decides the game. So if you're also curious to see, how the Spaniard works on unleashing Arsenals pacey wingers, then watch along here.

Mikel Arteta has developed into one of Arsenals biggest stars. The Spaniard is famous for his stable and confident passing, which has now made him a pivotal part of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal's starting line-up. Therefore it is not surprising that it is him, who Puma have chosen to teach us about the art of the splitting pass. The German sports giants from Puma have made a video with Arteta, where the Arsenal profile works with precise passing.

The video is part of Puma's Nature of Performance campaign, where different Puma players show what exactly their force is. We have before seen players like Michael Carrick, Adam Lallana and Steven Caulker, who showed off parts of their football play. This time it is Mikel Arteta's turn to welcome us into his footballing world and share all his tricks of the trade, when it comes to unhinging defenses.

Mikel Arteta is known for carving open defenses with incisive passes and allowing the pacey wingers Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott to get in behind the opposition backline. The main attributes Arteta relies on to do so, is a good first touch, as well as a constant awareness of where the defenders are.

The technically gifted player is a big asset to Puma and on a daily basis he applies his trade in the iconic Puma King, which has been revamped on the latest generation. It has a good fit and nice touch on the ball, thanks to the carefully worked calf leather, which makes up the boots upper. Arteta has previously played in the EvoSpeed, but when the latest Puma King was released, he could not resist playing in the same boot-collection as players like Maradona, Pele and Eusebio.

And you have to give it to the Spaniard, he knows his stuff better than most. Last season him and his Puma King had an average of 77 passes per game, and 94 percent of them were successful, which is definitely stats worth admiring. If you want stats that are even close to Arteta's, then watching this video probably isn't a bad start.

Mikel Arteta is without a doubt an incredibly talented player and in the new video from Puma, he happily shares his knowledge of the noble art of passing. Would you like to be as good a passer as Arteta? And do you think that Arsenal and Arteta could be successful in the coming season? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.