The new shirt launches are fully on, and if you would like to get a good overview we are now ready to provide you with just that. We have created a brand new campaign site that will help ensure that you can keep updated on the latest shirt launches.

We will admit that it can at times be quite the task to be on top of all the shirt launches, especially now during the summer time, where clubs all over the world change their look. We have therefore decided to help you get the much needed overview by making a new campaign site, where you can keep yourself updated on the latest shirts that have been launched and also which shirts we are eagerly awaiting.

You can check out the new campaign site right here, and take the tour round the shirt universe and get the much needed overview of the shirts that have already been launched, as well as those we are still waiting for. If you, for example, are a Bayern München fan, then you can check out what the German champions shirt looks like for the coming season and hereby easily decide if Schweinsteigers new shirt is to your liking.

Are you more into Spanish football and, for example, a fan of the Spanish champions from FC Barcelona, then you can easily check out the new FC Barcelona shirts in an interactive universe where you can get up close on the new shirt. You can even get a 360 degree tour of the shirt or enjoy the super sharp pictures that our photographers have shot of the shirt. And if you are still hungry for more, then you can also download wallpapers for your computer and hereby enjoy the pictures of the stars in your favourite shirt.

If you are a true shirt collector, and maybe a fan of Manchester United, we are sure that you will enjoy spending time going in to all the details of the new home shirt, or maybe even take a look at how the competitors shirts are looking for the new season. It all goes down in our big interactive shirt universe, where you will both get the overview, as well as a chance to get up close on the new shirt launches.

You can go straight to our new shirt universe right here, or you can click the banner below.

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We are very satisfied with our new interactive shirt universe, and we are happy to give you the opportunity to get a nice overview of the shirt we can provide. What do you think of the new site? And which shirt are you going for, for the new season? Feel free to share your comments either here or on Facebook and Twitter.