PUMA are ready for EURO 2016 with their Tricks design


Written by Mathias

When PUMA two summers ago unveiled the Tricks boots ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, I was pretty blown away. I actually still own a pair of the evoPOWER and use to this day. Now we are nearing a new tournament and Tricks are back…

… Am I just as blown away as I was two years ago? Honestly? No. But I’ll still give PUMA that the Tricks concept looks incredibly good visually on the pitch. The double-colour effect that the design gives is still super fresh and if you’re the type of player that loves standing out (like me and Rigobert Song in 1998), then the Tricks design is pretty damn perfect. You are in any case never in doubt where the PUMA players are on the pitch and from a brand perspective that is very, very smart indeed.

As a part of the PUMA Tricks Pack, which will be the official colours at this year’s European Championship in France and the Copa America in the USA, comes the evoPOWER 1.3. It’s the same boot we know and love, which is created for the player that wants the most powerful and precise strike. It unlocks this through the innovative GSF soleplate, the extremely flexible Adap-Lite upper and the AccuFoam pods around the instep.

You can order the new evoPOWER and evoSPEED Tricks from the 21st of April right here.

The most striking change comes the way of the PUMA evoSPEED SL and 1.5, which have both been updated ever so slightly. The concept is still the same, with the mind-bogglingly light evoSPEED SL for the biggest and most important matches, while the evoSPEED 1.5 works as the more durable speed boot.

It’s really not much PUMA have changed on their evoSPEED silo, but the boots seemed to be doing very well on their own, so maybe it’s not a bad choice to only fine-tune and adjust as few things. The biggest change they have made is further developing the laser-carved SpeedFrame, which works as a supportive skeleton for the foot. With a football boot as light as the evoSPEED SL, it is incredibly important to ensure the foot is firmly locked in place, which the SpeedFrame now does even better.