This year we were once again lucky enough to be nominated for a number of awards at this years E-commerce award show, which is hosted by FDIH. We even won two of them, which sent us to Barcelona, where we picked up one more. We would love to thank you for it; because we couldn't have done it without you.

Being a football company it surprises nobody that we absolutely love winning. We also value our wonderful users just as much and things therefore couldn't get any better, when the two of them combine in perfect synergy. We would never have gotten to where we are today, without you and your support and we would like to thank you for that, because you had a big part in these awards, which we so proudly present today.

FDIH each year host a grand award show for all the sharpest webshops in Denmark and that is a bracket which we fit into. This year we were nominated for the “Company growth award” and the “B2C award” (Business 2 Consumer) and we were the proud winners of the latter. The B2C-award was given to the company, which has the best combination of entrepreneurship, service and most remarkable acumen in business matters.

Afterwards all the winners of the nights awards were gathered in one category; the category to rule them all, if you will excuse our little “Lord of the rings”-analogy. Here a select panel of experts found a winner of the award known simply as “The Gold Award”, which marks the very best webshop in Denmark. We went ahead and won that too and were not shy to pose for the camera next to the prestigious trophy.

As the winner of The Gold Award, you don't only get to call yourself the best webshop in Denmark, you also get the privilege of representing your country at the European Commerce Awards in Barcelona. Here we sent the Spanish speaking Marcos Lemus and he convinced the world that we were worthy of an unprecedented spot as the third best in Europe, which we are quite chuffed with. If you have followed the site for a while you may know Marcos, and we can also reveal that he, also this time, did hold a very long Thank You Speech, where his mother was honoured many times.

It may be the first time we win The Gold Award, but it is far from the first time we win one of the E-awards. We have also before won awards for “Best Social Commerce” and we have won the award for “Users Favourite” twice. We never grow tired of winning and we never get tired of giving our users a complete football experience here on the site.

We offer you all our deepest and most sincere thanks to every single one of our users, who have made Unisport what it is today. We will be back strong next year, where we hope to add a few more awards to the already bulging cabinet. Also out of pure curiosity; which of the awards do you think is the most impressive? Tell us in the box down below, or on Twitter and Facebook.

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