A couple of weeks ago our very own boot nerd, Jakob, went for trip to the English capital London, where Adidas had invited us to a very exciting event. It was the Adidas Lab-event, where they focused on given us a glimpse into the future. Here Jakob also got to chat to a true Adidas boot expert and you can watch what happened right here.

It is damn near impossible to find anyone, who knows as much about football boots, as Jakob does, but when you finally do, you have to take advantage of it. At the exciting Adidas Lab-event in London Jakob had a chat with Aubrey Dolan, who is the Category Manager for Adidas Football and that gave rich opportunity to discuss the latest innovations out there.

The aim of the Adidas Lab-event was to give the visitors a glimpse into the future of the German based company, where there was plenty of focus on football boots and other cool new gear. Just before the trip, the Nitrocharge 1.0 was unveiled, which naturally made it the talk of the town and it therefore didn't take long before conversation steered towards the new boot and all its new features.

It has been developed for the new type of player, which Adidas have identified, who goes by the name #TheEngine – the modern warrior. Adidas are always looking at the current state of football and even more important the football of the future. What are the needs required by the current market and what about the future? Here the Nitrocharge 1.0 comes into the picture and the explanation of why, can be found in the interview above.

They also found time to talk about the new Adidas Predator LZ II, which is still a full blood control boot. It in hardly any way resembles the older, classic Predator models, which were so very loved by the anyone who tried them. Jakob showed no mercy, when trying to find out, why they changed it. The answer? You can find out, if you click play above.

Adidas look to have a few aces up their sleeves for the future; the 99 gram F50 Adizero and if the Nitrocharge and Predator's continue their riveting development, things are looking good for Adidas. Are you looking forward to seeing, what Adidas have for us in tomorrows world of football? What would you have asked Aubrey? Tell us in the comment-section down below and join the debate on Twitter and Facebook.