Nike FootballX 'Distressed Indigo' Pack | Celebrating the new urban subculture


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Built and constructed to give players on all surfaces the ultimate tools to show off their game. Nike update their FootballX selection and we have snapped a few shots of the new boots for your viewing pleasure.

Playing street football you will never go far, if you don’t have a bit of a rebel in you. Pulling off the killer moves that humiliate your opponent is the name of the game, and to keep up with the urban football scene that has evolved explosively in the last few years, Nike now present the Distressed Indigo Pack.

As the Pack name implies the boots main colour scheme is Indigo, which gives the boots a vibrant look that perfectly reflects the nature of Nike FootballX. Further inspired by urban nightlife and the ambition to truly capture the speed of the street football subculture, Nike fixed up the HypervenomX, MagistaX and MercurialX with flashy accent colours. It makes for a dynamic look that proves once again, why Nike are always well represented on any street pitch around the world.

The Nike FootballX Indigo Pack will be made available on the 26th of April at 9:00 AM CEST.