The football season is nearing its end and even though that is every football fans worst nightmare, something almost as good is luckily just around the corner; summer. We are nearing the warm and sunny summer months and this means your wardrobe needs refreshing. It is time to make room for fresh t-shirts, polos, sunglasses and sneakers.

The long trousers need packing away, along with them, the big sweatshirts and jackets. It's time for a bit of a suntan and enjoying the good weather outside. Polos and t-shirts in fresh colours are among the most popular in the summer wardrobe and here Nike Sportswear deliver some of the coolest. You can find the photographed products and plenty of other great stuff in our Football365-collection right here.

When the sun is beaming from the sky, it is just as important to wear the right sunglasses, so you're screened from the suns sharp rays. Luckily Nike have in their repertoire, some of the crispiest and coolest on sale and you can choose between an ocean of awesome designs and colours. For example you can match Cristiano Ronaldo, who has gone for the popular Vintage MDL 270, which come in several variations.

In the football world, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the absolute biggest fashion icons and he manages to combine his personal style, with his passion for football. This really reflects in his own CR7-collection, where he matches the many stylish polos with the fresh sunglasses. You can combine your very own look, with our massive selection of fashion wear and sweet sneakers right here.

One of the most popular sneakers around right now is the Nike Roshe Run, which we naturally have in our selection in the newest colours. The popular fashion shoe fits in perfectly, whether you're looking for a new sneaker for everyday use, or just a cool running shoe, for the short runs. The upper is made from a mesh, which ensures an incredibly high level of comfort and really good breathability, so it is ideal for a pair of shorts, or jeans this summer. You can find your pair of Roshe Run and all our other sneakers right here.

We have everything you need, now that summer is finally knocking at the door. The sun is shining and the temperature is steadily rising - all you need to do, to make sure you are prepared is check out our Football365 section, where you find everything from sneakers and t-shirts to polos and sunglasses.

There is a mere three days until the Champions League Final and there just another ten, before we can officially call it summer. Are you looking forward to the increase in warmth? And what will you be adding to your summer wardrobe? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below and join the fun on Twitter and Facebook.