A few weeks back an invitation to come to Berlin dropped in from Nike – the reason was to mark the launch of the new FC247-collection. We were shipped off to the Berlin city-burrow called Wedding, to hear more about the Boateng brothers and their football upbringing at the local street pitch.

With the launch of the FC247-collection Nike have really asserted themselves on all frontiers and show the importance of being able to play on all surfaces, at any given time. The slogan “Anytime. Anywhere” covers a collection with three different pieces of footwear for respectively Street-pitches, indoor courts and turf fields.

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To mark the launch of the Lunargato, Elastico Finale II and Bomba Finale II Nike held a special event in Berlin, to tell the story of Jerome, Kevin-Prince and George Boateng, who all learnt to play football on the small local pitch, Die Panke.

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The event took place in Wedding, which is one of Berlins poorest areas and here the brothers grew up and learnt to play football on small areas and against opponents much bigger than themselves. To show who the brothers were as people, they had each designed a room, which symbolised their personal style.

Jerome chose to focus on his insatiable love for sneakers, Kevin-Prince his fanatic love for his own hair, while older brother George had a DJ turntable and tattoo-chair sat up, as he is showed his passion for music and tattoos – a passion he shares with his two other brothers by the way.

As a part of our exclusive access at the event we also got a chance to take a closer look at the rooms, as to better understand what it is like to be a Boateng – and we even got a chance to talk to the brothers themselves in their rooms. You can see the full length interview with Jerome Boateng very soon.

Furthermore, the Boateng brothers had returned to the Panke-court, after more than 12 years away from it and here they discussed how it was like growing up there. The concrete however soon called for them and at the sight of a ball it was impossible for them to contain themselves any longer. Afterwards we got the chance to let loose on Die Panke, where Joltter and Jakob took turns besting each other with football skills (OK, maybe Joltter was slightly more successful than Jakob on this front).

The entire session at the Panke was done wearing Nikes new FC247-shoes and to get a bit of background knowledge about the new collection, we had a chat with Collin Eder, who is senior product manager at Nike. He has for a long time worked on the FC247-collection and had a sit down with us and talked about the new shoes. Jakob and Collin went full on nerd-mode and you can see the full interview soon on Unisport WebTV.

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After a great and eventful trip Jakob and Joltter reluctantly headed homewards, heading towards Copenhagen with their bags packed full of excellent material for interviews – which you will see more of very soon on Unisport WebTV. What do you think about the event in Berlin and the Boateng brothers style? And do you play football “Anytime. Anywhere”? Please feel free to tell us in the box down below.