The next boot in the line of fire, is quite aptly the Nike T90 Laser IV, which has been given a spectacular colour update. In style with the launch-colour of the Vapor VIII, Nike present the deadly accurate boot in a mango/Black colourway. It suits it incredibly well, but it's not all about good looks, which is why we will be taking a closer look at the boots abundance of technology now.

The first Nike T90 Laser IV was presented in the autumn of 2011 and had the big shoes of the Laser III to fill, if you will excuse the pun. It has done so with flying colours and the T90 has since built up an impressive following of star players around the world. From goalkeepers to strikers, they all benefit from the versatile nature of the boot and they can now enjoy it even more with this new colourway.

You can already now pre-order the Nike T90 Laser IV ACC Mango/Black here, with an expected delivery in the beginning of April – just €163

The Nike T90 Laser IV has never been scared of showing off with ludicrous colourways and this way be because, that it is a boot, which demands attention. Wayne Rooney, Wesley Sneijder and Rio Ferdinand are just a fraction of the massive stars, who all swear by the boot and there is more than a couple of good reasons why.

When the T90-collection saw the light of day, it was with full focus on ultimate comfort throughout the games 90 minutes and even though a lot has changed since then, it is still a criteria, which must be fulfilled. Laser IV bases itself on a relatively wide last and this means that it fits quite a wide variety of foot types.

On earlier models Nike used kangaroo leather on the T90-collection, but this is something they have gone away from on the Laser IV. Instead Nike use either Kanga-Lite and Teijin-microfibre. On this particular version they have used the last of the two and that has its advantages. First and foremost it weighs significantly less than leather, as well as not soaking up water in wet weather and especially the last of the two proficiencies, is one Nike values highly.

Nike have on all of their top model boots, integrated the revolutionising ACC-technology in the upper. It stands for All Conditions Control and it ensures you have the same grip on the ball when it is raining, as you would otherwise have in the dry. You furthermore don't need to worry about the effects deteriorating with time, as it has been worked into the upper during production and should as a result stay for the full lifetime of the boot.

The biggest focus area on the Nike T90 Laser IV is the boots strike improving capabilities and here Nike have had precession in mind. On the top part of the instep you will find the Adaptive Shield, which no mater the foots position gives a clean and plain strike area. Using this you can influence the balls trajectory better and therefore make your strike more precise. This is enhanced by the small fins, which are situated lower down on the front foot, which gives better swerve on the ball.

The outsole is made of TPU and it is a very light, durable material, which furthermore has great flexibility. This combined with the stud-configuration, which is based on bladed studs, to give you strong pitch grip and thus good acceleration, makes for a boot that can really make you lethal in front of goal.

You can already now pre-order the Nike T90 Laser IV ACC Mango/Black here, with an expected delivery in the beginning of April – just €163

Wayne Rooney and the rest of the T90-crew will most probably be giving their new boots their début in the upcoming international fixture and we will therefore definitely be keeping our eyes on their feet. What do you say to the wild colourway? Do you like it? Let us know in the comment-section down below.