Last week we could unveil Nike's brand new FC247-collection, which has all the right equipment and footwear for all surfaces, whether it is streetfootball, futsal, or turf. We have gathered it all in one place, so you can find out everything you need to know plus a little more, about the new FC247-universe.

We could, last Thursday, present the brand new Nike FC247-collection, which welcomed brand new updates for the popular football footwear models Lunargato II, Elastico Pro II and Bomba Finale II. Nike have thought long and hard and have also been in close dialog with some of the worlds very best players, to create the ultimate shoe for specific surfaces.

In the new FC247-collection you will find shoes, which are perfect for turf, artificial grass, street and indoor football. You can find your favourite in our FC247-universe right here.

The new Nike Lunargato II has been designed with street football in mind and compared to its most recent predecessor there have been significant improvements. Lunargato II is now made of 33% less components than before and this has made it 16% lighter. The upper has been changed out with a softer and even nicer leather, which gives a comfortable and more elegant touch, which is necessary when playing the fast pace street football.

You can experience the new Nike Lunargato II in our interactive 360 degree function and much more in our FC247-universe.

Is the new Nike Elastico Pro II the ultimate indoor shoe on sale? It is very probable, as Nike have worked very hard to optimise their already very viable product. With 39% fewer components than its predecessor, the Elastico Pro II has been significantly lighter and far more flexible. This, combined with the new NIKESKIN upper, gives you a precise and tight touch, as well as a comfortable fit.

Does the Nike Elastico Pro II sound like something you might like? You can see it from every angle and learn all about it on our FC247-universe.

Nike Bomba Finale II is the last of the bunch in the FC247-collection and it has its focus on football, which is played on turf- and artificial pitches. With an innovative stud-configuration, which combines conical studs for easy rotation and sharp bladed studs for quick acceleration, you are well covered on some of the most critical areas. If you then add the new NIKESKIN and ACC to the mix, you're very close to the ultimate weapon for play on turf and AG.

You can find our Nike FC247-universe right here, where you can see all the models in 360 degrees, download wallpapers and much more.

There are almost no boundaries for what you can find out in our Nike FC247-universe, but among the coolest functions is the 360 degree function, where you can get the full feel of the boot, from all angles. Which of the new models is your favourite? Share your opinion in the comment-section down below.