In light of the success of the last Instagram competition we are now ready with yet another competition. This time we raise the stakes a little and are putting a pair of Puma EvoSpeed 1, which have been signed by Sergio Agüero, up for grabs. Yep that's right you heard correctly, Sergio Agüero. The rules are simple and you can read them down below.

Are you a fan of Sergio Agüero? And would you like to win a pair of Puma EvoSpeed 1 signed by the Argentinian himself? Then now is the time to listen up, because we are giving you the chance now. We have just kicked off a competition on Instagram and the rules are quite straight forward. You can read them down below, but you can actually also read them on our PUMA campaign-site right here.

Are you already following @Unisportstore on Instagram? If not, then you can do so right here. Are you interested in football and the newest gear, we never let you down, so what are you waiting for?

You need to upload a picture of your boot collection on Instagram, then you need to mention @Unisportstore in the text and remember to use the hashtag #UnisportXPuma. Collect as many likes as you can, as we will be drawing a winner from the 10 most popular pictures on Monday the 18th of March at 4 PM, CET.

When it comes to getting your picture likes, then it's only your imagination that limits you. Take a super cool picture and then get your friends and family liking. Every single vote counts, as we will only be choosing between the top 10. We will be doing so on Monday the 18th of March, at 4 PM, CET, where the winner is also announced on Instagram.

If you do end up being the lucky winner of the Puma EvoSpeed 1 signed by Sergio Agüero, then it is definitely worth mentioning that the size, colour, and model can't be changed, as it is all in Sergio's own size; it cannot be changed in for money either. We are really looking forward to seeing your boot collections and if you're lacking a bit of inspiration you could drop by our PUMA campaign-site, where you can see the newest pictures from the competition.

Hurry up and check out our Instagram and join the competition, then you might have a chance of winning a pair of Puma Evospeed 1 signed by the Argentinian super star Sergio Agüero.

It doesn't matter if you only have one boot in your collection, or if you have a whole cupboard full of them. All you need to worry about is getting loads of likes, so you can be in and among the top 10. How happy would you be if you won a pair of Sergio Agüero boots? Share your comment in the box down below.