David Beckham is arguably the football worlds biggest icon and when he then changed to one of the worlds most discussed clubs, then it is no wonder that it caused quite a lot of hubbub. Becks visited the Adidas store in Paris and if that wasn't enough, the French legend Zinedine Zidane also showed up; this has to be the definition of going All In.

David Beckham's switch from LA Galaxy to Paris Saint Germain has reverberated through the football world and that is definitely understandable, as the English veteran is one of the biggest icons ever to grace the pitch. PSG have been very busy splashing the cash and have brought in stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, but they were all outshone when Beckham arrived and announced he would be donating all his considerable wages to charity.

His extreme popularity was definitely also apparent, when he attended the Adidas Store event on Champs Élysees in Paris, where several hundreds of fans had shown up to get a glimpse of the clubs new number 32. They were however in for another treat, as there would be more than one legend there that day. This was because David Beckham was joined by none other than Zinidine Zidane and if that's not All In, we don't know what is.

David Beckhams return to European football has not been a subtle affair. The English veteran started off by announcing that his entire salary would go to a charity, which helped under privileged kids in Paris. This has naturally made the Beckham-shirt incredibly popular and if you were willing to brave the immense queues, you could even get it signed by the man himself.

When the iconic and vibrant promenade Champs Élysées is occupied by the almost equally iconic David Beckham, it is hard to make things any bigger. A sea of fans had shown up to meet the man with the seemingly supernatural right foot and from a massive podium he first answered questions from fans on Twitter and afterwards signed a bunch of Adidas balls, which he then shot into the crowd of ecstatic fans.

Adidas' slogan is All In and they definitely live up to that statement with their event, when the attending fans got an added surprise, as the football legend Zinedine Zidane made an appearance. Just like Beckham, he has also been an stalwart and faithful user of the Predator-collection and there can be no doubt, that they are two of the silos most prominent names.

Shirts were signed, hands where shook, photos took and questions answered and maybe it was because of his lengthy stay in Los Angeles, but it was all done with a beaming Hollywood smile. With his incredible aura of confidence it is no wonder, that he is so popular around the world. This is also why the fight for the small signed balls, which had been touched by the infamous right foot, was so vigorous.

The French capital has definitely opened its heart and embraced David Beckham and if you were somehow still in doubt about Becks' popularity, all you need to do is divert your eyes to the other side of the street from the Adidas event, where the official Paris Saint Germain shop sends a friendly message to the clubs latest acquisition.

David Beckham is All In. Zinedine Zidane is All In. PSG are All In. Adidas are All In. There is no better way of putting it after the massive success of the event in the European metropolis. What do you think about Beckham's move to PSG? Will you be getting a shirt? Share your thoughts in the box down below.*