German Uhlsport have several top gloves in their arsenal and today we can unveil yet another in the shape of the Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett Black/Orange, which combines a smart design with innovative technologies. So if you're on the look out for a new goalkeeper glove, now is the time to listen, because this might be just what your looking for.

You've got to stay alert if you don't want to miss a glove from Uhlsport, as they are constantly updating their range and now they are on it again. This time it is the Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett, that will receive an update and it brings a good number of exciting technologies to the plate. Among other things we will be looking at the ergonomically stitched palms, the top quality latex and the sublime breatheability the glove possess.

It's often hard for goalkeeper brands, to give their products designs that match the practical quality of the products, but for Uhlsport this doesn't seem to be a problem. On the Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett the goalkeeping specialists manage to do just this and with the black, orange and turquoise nuances the glove is hard to miss.

You can already pre-order the Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett Black/Orange here with an expected delivery in the end of February – Just €102

The glove is covered in latex, which Uhlsport themselves call their finest: Absolutgrip. It is 4,4 mm thick and therefore gives fantastic shock absorbency, when you need to block shots and it does so without compromising on its ability to catch balls. 80% of Uhlsports professional keepers all use Absolutgrip latex on their gloves and this just proves how supreme this latex is.

If you know a little about Greek mythology, you may have heard the name Cerberus before. It is the name of the three-headed guard dog that stands and watches the gates of the underworld Hades. The fear inducing creature has gotten the privilege of sharing name with the Uhlsport gloves cut, that is very tight. This means that you get a very tight fit and as Uhlsport so accurately put it, the Cerberus-glove matches its mysterious namesake, in the sense that it never lets its prey go.

Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett also differs a bit from the norm, when you look at the palm, you will see a row of trenches. They serve two purposes; the first is, that the glove to a higher degree follows the hands movements, when it grasps a ball. In other words there won't form any small unintentional crevices, which might otherwise disturb your grip. On top of that they are slightly perforated, which helps increase breatheability, so the glove is comfortable in all conditions.

In style with many of Uhlsports other top gloves the Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett is equipped with the Shock Zone technology on the outside. It is a padding with latex around the knuckles, which adds more power, when you box the ball away. Furthermore it contributes to the high levels of durability, which is something Uhlsport have always been famous for.

You can already pre-order the Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett Black/Orange here with an expected delivery in the end of February – Just €102

Uhlsport is known for making top quality gloves and the Cerberus Absolutgrip Handbett is definitely no exception. German craftsmanship, innovation and a really smart design all come together in a higher unit; do you like it? What is your verdict on the glove? Share your thoughts in the box below.