It's getting to that time of the month where the last couple of details need to be added to the wish list and if you're looking to add a few finishing touches to your own list, then now is the time to listen up. Today we recommend the smart Barcelona socks, that can be acquired in several different colourways, that you can see right here.

Today we suggest Barcelona socks, that will both fit well in the weekly advent calendar or in the Christmas stocking. They can be bought in both packs of three, that mixes the different colourways; White, Black and Grey or in a pack of three, that only has one colour.

Most football nutters like us, ware out tennis socks like crazy and it can be hard to keep up. That's why a pack of three Barcelona Socks would be both pratical and a cool present for any Barcelona fan, who wants to represent his or her team from top to bottom.

FC Barcelona is arguably the best team in history and can boast about having one of the worlds biggest crowd of fans. That's why we are in no doubt, that a pack of Barcelona socks is an excellent choice for any fan.

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” There's plenty of snow around Europe too, but what makes your perfect Christmas? Is it the presents? The company? Or the food? Give us your perfect Christmas-eve or day, in the comment-section below.