A few weeks back, Jakob, our WebTV host, reviewed Under Armours base layer for the winter, and in this episode a special guest appeared – this was Under Armour's 10K Force Pro II, which a lot of people have asked us to do a review of. This is exactly what we've done, and today, Jakob gives his verdict on the 10K Force Pro II, with English subs.

The Under Armour 10K Force Pro II is UA's idea of a speed boot – but they have made it according to their own principles, therefore they have combined low weight and high levels of comfort. This way, they have managed to keep the 10K Force Pro II at 218g, while still having implemented various comfort features in the boot.

Hereby, both the Compfit construction in the heel, and the 4D foam inlay sole, add to the high comfort according to the American giants. In this episode, Jakob will test if this claim is true. In addition, he will look at both the upper, the sole, and the stud configuration and more.

Would like to hear the verdict on the 10K Force Pro II? Then watch the video just below.

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What do you think of American base layer brand's attempt at a speed boot? Does it look like something you might like, or does the design put you off completely? Let us know what you think of the Force Pro II, in the comment-section down below.