The autumn season is upon us, and the temperature is steadily dropping. We are looking at some cold months in the near future, and it is important to gear up and get ready to conquer the cold and enjoy even the cold training sessions. Therefore, we have lowered the price significantly on super nice Puma tracksuits, in order to help you gear up like Danish star players Bashkim Kadrii and Danny Olsen.

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Bashkim Kadrii is one of the biggest talents in the Danish Superliga, and in his club, OB, they know what needs to be in place to have a good season; hard work on the training grounds will pay of in a match situation. As we all know, it can be difficult to get out and complete your training sessions when the weather is horrible, but with the right gear, this could very well change. We provide you with the opportunity to get great deals on our new Puma Training campaign site, where you can save on everything from tracksuits to football boots.

In the Danish Superliga club FC Midtjylland they know how to gear up for the cold training sessions. They wear the super comfortable tracksuits from Puma, including windbreaker, knickers and socks. They go for the black colourway, as well as, Bashkim Kadrii goes for the blue colourway to match the club colours at OB. The tracksuits and many more greats deals can be found on our Puma Training campaign site right here.

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