We have had a look around the globe to provide you with the best boot spots from the best football leagues in the world. We can bring hat-trick heroes, blackouts, custom colourways and more. Check it all out right here, and don't forget to let us know which boot spot you think is the coolest.

Stephen Dobbie (Brighton) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Custom White/Black We love custom boots and this week we really fell for Stephen Dobbie's boot choice. His custom Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII with an elegant and old-school White/Black colourway gets a round of applause here at the office

Oussama Assaidi (Liverpool) – Adidas F50 Adizero Blue/Slime Finally, the Merseyside club managed to get their first win of the season, with no less than a 5-2 victory away against Norwich. Luis Suarez managed to score his second hat-trick against Norwich, although we have decided to direct our attention elsewhere in this regard. Assaidi made his début and we spotted him in an older Adidas F50 Adizero, namely the super nice Blue/Slime colourway; hats off.

Pepe Reina (Liverpool) Adidas Predator LZ Red/Black The Spanish goalkeeper has been flirting with the new Predator LZ and in the away game against Norwich his switch from Joma to German Adidas was clear. In addition, Reina had also switched out his Uhlsport gloves and was wearing a set of Predator Pro gloves, also from Adidas.

Fernando Torres (Chelsea) – Nike T90 Laser IV Clash White/Green We spotted the expensive striker in a pair of T90 Laser IV clash colourway. This is somewhat surprising as Torres is one of the front figures for the new T90 Laser IV Brigth Crimson/Dark Obsidian/Electric Green colourway, and the week before he wore a set of whiteouted Tiempo Legend IV boots. We are looking forward to see what the Spaniard is going to wear during this week.

John Terry (Chelsea) – Umbro Speciali Pro III White/Black We are expecting John Terry to switch his boot provider as Umbro recently announced that they would terminate the contract with the Chelsea skipper. We caught an interesting scene where Terry gave his Umbro boots to a lucky fan after the match against Arsenal. This might tell us that he doesn’t need the boots no longer, and we are looking forward to see his next move.

Brad Friedel (Tottenham) – Adidas Predator LZ SL Black/Neon/Green The veteran keeper had replaced Hugo Lloris in the very exciting match against Manchester United. Spurs managed to get a 2 goal lead, and had to fight their way through the second half ending with a 3-2 spurs win at Old Trafford. We spotted Friedel in a pair of lightweight Predator LZ, which it looked like he had tried to blackout.

Junior Hoilett (Queens Park Rangers) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Blackout In the midweek cup match, the young Canadian scored for the London team against Reading. Unfortunately for QPR, Reading managed to turn the game into a 3-2 victory. Anyway, we want to celebrate Hoilett's boot choice as he was sporting a pair of blackouted Vapor VIII. These might be a test pair from Nike, as we have seen the winger using a pair of Adidas F50 Adizero earlier; this could be a sign of a switch.

Ryo Miyachi (Wigan) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red The Japanese winger is originally an Arsenal player, but is on a loan to Wigan this season. He is currently getting lots of on-pitch time, and is a player that we enjoy watching, as he often delivers surprises regarding his boot choices. Previously, we have seen him wearing take down models from the Mercurial collection, but this week he was sporting a pair of Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red boots with black laces. An interesting feature, that he is not the only player choosing...

Yuto Nagatomo (Inter Milan) – Nike mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red The same combination is found with the Japanese player from Inter. Similar to Miyachi, as previously mentioned, Nagamoto has also 'pimped' his Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red with black laces, although we are not sure why? Our guess is that the two players might be hanging out privately, and have started their own little trend. Also, check out the embroidery on the boots, the fond looks very alike on both players boots. Do you know the story behind? A coincidence or is it coordinated?

Juan Zuniga (Napoli) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red The Colombian winger has been wearing boots from the Nike Mercurial collections for as long as we have known him. Now playing in Napoli, the new Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red colourway is a great match for their away kit. The retro and light blue colours go hand in hand, just as we had thought it would be almost impossible to find a good match to the very eye catching boot, he has done just that.

Fabrizio Miccoli (Palermo) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red The Italian number 10 was responsible for the this rounds goal, as he bombed a volley all the way from the middle of the pitch. The goal was just one of three goals from the number 10 in this game and the Palermo star secured his team a 4-1 victory against Chievo. A round of applause for the extraordinary strike Miccoli delivered in his Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red.

Eljero Elia (Werder Bremen) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Blackout The Dutchman is currently playing for German Werder Bremen who, in the weekend, clashed with the leaders of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich. Elia and Werder lost 0-2 but you still win some points with us for wearing a pair of blackouted Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII.

Pepe (Real Madrid) – Nike Tiempo Legend IV Soar/White After having learned that the defender had been spotted training in a pair of Legend IV lately, it looks like a switch from Umbro is on its way. And in the game against Deportivo La Coruna Pepe was wearing a pair of the new and elegant Nike Tiempo Legend IV ACC Soar/White.

Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red There has been a lot of talk concerning the super star lately, specially after he announced that he wasn't satisfied with his status and situation in Madrid. His performance might have suffered slightly from the issue, but it seems that he is back with the strength and high level that has characterised his time with Real Madrid. He delivered nothing less than a hat-trick in his Nike mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red, that he has given an incredible start.

Marcelo (Real Madrid) – Adidas F50 Adizero Blackout Just as we thought the Brazilian had completed his switch to Adidas, with multiple performances in a White/Lime/Black colourway, he is now back in a pair of blackouted boots. Whether he just prefers black boots, or if there are some issues with his cooperation with Adidas, we don't know. But we will keep an eye on him, and his boots.

Emir Spahic (Sevilla) – Adidas Adipure 11Pro White/Red Custom Even though Adidas have launched a whiteouted edition of the elegant boot, Spahic has chosen to take matters into his own hands. He has started out with the White/Red launch colourway and whiteouted the stripes, thus resulting in this whiteouted look with just the red Dura-Coating and the red heel cap. Have you ever customised a pair of boots?

Jonathan Kotzke (Regensburg) – Adidas Prototype Blackout We have earlier seen Dortmund player Sven Bender sporting an Adidas prototype, and now we can see the relatively unknown Kotzke joining the exclusive party. He has also gotten his hands on a blackouted prototype, that looks like a new Predator? Adipure? A new Adizero? New silo? What do you think?

We round off the boot spotting with this exciting mystery. Together with the hat-trick heroes, and cheeky custom colourways, Jonathan Kotzke's Adidas prototype boots will win the title as the most exciting boot spot of the week. What do you think he is wearing? And what do you think about all the other boot spots? Feel free to leave a comment in the field below.