New range of Limited Edition Uhlsport gloves | Including the Fingersurround and Supergrip combination


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

For the first time Uhlsport have recently released a collection of Limited Edition goalkeeper gloves for the spring months. We take a closer look at them here.

To be more specific it’s about three models in total; two Eliminator Supersoft gloves, which will come in both a white- and blackout, as well as a pair of Fangmaschine Fingersurround with Uhlsport Supergrip-latex.The two first are fairly classic models with a Flat Cut, Supersoft-latex and completely monochrome designs. It’s seen before, but still insatiably cool.

The last model is on the other hand very, very interesting. First and foremost we are dealing with a very new cut from Uhlsport - their Fingersurround, - which is Uhlsport terminology for a Negative-Roll Cut. This is combined with the Uhlsport Supergrip-latex, which they introduced last year on all their top gloves.

This combination of cut and latex is very popular amongst Uhlsport sponsored goalkeepers, with keepers like Samir Handanovic, Ron-Robert Zieler and Geronimo Rulli all wearing versions of it on their specially made gloves. The reason this is so unique is because it isn’t a combination you usually see on Uhlsport collections and not even on their EURO Pack, which we launched back in January. But that changes now and for the first time you can wear the same as the pros with this Limited Edition look.

Check out the newest goalkeeper gloves from Uhlsport right here.