This was Luca's first impression of the Furon II...


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Liverpool’s new home-shirt and the EURO 2016 colourways for the Visaro and Furon II. That’s what New Balance had up their sleeves, when they invited us for a visit last week. Watch how it went down at the launch here.

With the main attraction definitely being the next generation of Furon, New Balance invited us for a three day event in Liverpool. It all started with the launch of the coming Liverpool home-shirt, where among others, Henderson, Coutinho and Emre Can showed up. The day after the stage was set for another launch, as New Balance presented the new Visaro and Furon boots, which were introduced for EURO 2016.

Luca was sent to test the new Furon and his first impressions were very positive indeed. You can expect a more in-depth review of them later this year. For now, you can enjoy this little video, which Luca has put together from his trip to Liverpool.

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