Nike Spark Brilliance Pack | The Tiempo Legend 6 is ready to start the unstoppable attack


Written by Mathias

The Tiempo Legend 6 is still no more than a six months old, but has already made a pretty decent impact in the world of football. Nike now present the Spark Brilliance colourway for EURO 2016 and the Copa America, which they hope will continue to represent the boots qualities well.

Apart from the Metal Flash Pack colourway, the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 colourways have so far been really toned down in terms of colourways, but that changes drastically now, following the introduction of the Spark Brilliance Pack. The Clear Jade/Black/Volt combination is more than a little eye-catching and will be looking to dominate every blade of grass on the pitch, as it takes to the pitch during the Champions League final, EURO 2016 and the Copa America.

The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is made with a soft kangaroo leather upper, which thanks to the unique vacuum-pressed quilting, is completely seamless. This means no mud and dirt gets stuck in the vulnerable seams and the leather therefore maintains its immensely soft nature all throughout the boots lifespan. Innovation meets classic materials.

The Tiempo is all about dueling your opponent and dominating possession, before you look to create the next wave of attack. No better players symbolise the modern interpretation of a classic leather football boots, than Raphael Varane, Gerard Pique and Jerome Boateng. Power, precision and an unstoppable touch - those boys have the lot!

If you want to get your hands on the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Spark Brilliance, then you can order them from the 31st of May.