Arsenal home shirt 16/17


Written by Jonathan

With a sleek design, PUMA have just revealed the new Arsenal home shirt. Have a look at it here and pre-order it now...

I'm not going to lie. I think the design of the newArsenal home shirt is mad. And this is coming from a life long Mancester United fan. Since PUMA took over as shirt supplier for Arsenal two years ago, I really must say that they've improved for every year. They started out with a very traditional and not so inspiring design, but this new look really gives a new edge to the Gunners shirt!

And I can't imagine that Arsenal fans will disagree with me. It still provides lots of justice to the traditional design, while the vertical toned stribe that runs down the front plays with the design in a modern and sleek way

The only question now is, whether the results can live up to the design. That isn't always a guarantee...

You can pre-order the new Arsenal home shirt right here.

Please note that we print the shirts with the official Premier League print and not the special Arsenal print that you see in these images.