Toulouse survive in Ligue 1 after crazy motivational speech


Written by Jonathan Baez

If you ever need motivation for anything in life, this is the video to watch!

The last couple of weeks have been emotional, with joy and heartbreaks. Some have lifted trophies, others have cried over relegation and some have taken deep breaths of relief. Pascal Drupaz was under mad pressure last week, as his team Toulouse FC needed a win to stay in Ligue 1 for another season.

And he had a plan…

… Let me just say that I've never met Pascal Drupaz or spoken with him, but after seeing this video he has just became my personal motivator for whenever I need to achieve anything in life. This is what football is about!

Oh yeah, Toulouse won 3-2 after coming from behind twice. You can imagine the scenes in the stadium… And if you can't you can see the highlights from the match here.