Joltter talks to Pepe about the new Umbro Speciali


Written by Mathias

In connection with the presentation of the new Umbro Speciali Eternal for Pepe, we got an exclusive opportunity to meet the main man himself. Check it out.

When you watch Pepe play football, he doesn’t exactly strike you as the type of guy you want to meet up with for coffee. But actually he left a very different impression when we went to Madrid to speak to him about life as a footballer and how he feels about getting the Umbro Speciali Pepe Limited Edition boot dedicated to him.

It’s a strong brand for me and it’s a privilege to have a boot with my signature. To me it means that I have reached the top and Umbro have provided that unique moment in my career.” - Pepe, Real Madrid & Portugal

The love story between Pepe and Umbro is truly better than Twilight. Pepe has been true to Umbro football boots since he was just eight years old and his father bought him his first pair of real football boots, which Pepe senior worked an entire year to afford. Many years later now and he is heading into a Champions League final with a pair of the same boot dedicated to him. Who says fairy tales aren’t real?

Find the newest Umbro Speciali Pepe Limited Edition and other Speciali models right here from the 27th of May.