Unisport heading to EURO16 | Joltter, JayMike, Luca and PWG experience the atmosphere


Written by Mathias

Just three more days to go before EURO 2016 in France finally starts! Our WebTV team have put together a little trailer to give you taste of what’s to come from them during this summer's biggest football event.

To say we are excited is a serious understatement. We will be uploading daily videos from the heart of the action, with each one of our hosts embarking on different missions during EURO 2016. Joltter will travel all around France in a camper van, as he experiences the atmosphere with fans from all across Europe and attends as many games as humanly possible.

Our German young gun, Luca, will be following Die Mannschaft around, as they look to show the same superiority that won them the World Cup two years ago. Meanwhile, PWG won’t be in France, instead he will be heading around the globe to see how EURO 2016 captivates crowds away from the host nation.

Last, but certainly not least is JayMike, who will be staying in Denmark to begin with and reporting on all new EURO 2016 launches from Nike, adidas, PUMA and New Balance during the tournament, as well as putting together the best Top five lists from the games that just passed. After his show, hosted in our Flagship Store, he will be joining Joltter and the gang in France for the play-off games. It’s gonna be epic, so subscribe and look forward to experiencing epicness!

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