Nike Spark Brilliance presents: "The Switch" | The EURO16 advert


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

It’s time for one of the absolute highlights of any major international tournament! Nike have just this moment released their latest and possibly greatest championship advert. Watch “The Switch”.

Following an in-game collision with a ball boy, Cristiano Ronaldo finds his body has been switched. Hilarity, goosebumps and a super inspiring story ensues, as both the ball boy and CR7 come to terms with their new life situation.

This is the Swoosh at their finest and the scale of their new Nike “The Switch” video is just on a completely mind-blowing level! The amount of stars, the amount of places they visit and the editing of the advert is unprecedented and really stands testament to how dedicated Nike are to inspiring young athletes to becoming the best they can be. How dedicated they are to making people “Spark Brilliance”.

Watch the video at the top of this blogpost and I guarantee that you will be raring to run, practise and train. If nothing else, you will have enjoyed six minutes of unrivalled advert excellence that few can match!

Charlie Lee won’t be featuring at this year’s European Championship, but if he was, it would be in the new Nike Spark Brilliance Pack football boots.

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