EURO 2016 with Unisport I Slow penalty challenge with Joltter, JayMike, Luca and PWG


Written by Jonathan

Throughout the EURO’s we will be sending videos directly from France. And today we are kicking things off with good old fashioned challenge – with a twist. Watch it here.

Every day for an entire month we will be exploring and following EURO 2016 every step of the way. Joltter, JayMike, Luca and PWG will talk to fans, recreate the biggest highlights from the matches, play FIFA16 and capture the atmosphere in bars, stadiums, streets and wherever a football fan is waving a flag.

As the crew hadn’t left for France yet, the first episode was shot in Copenhagen and in very symbolic fashion we kick things off with a “slow” start. This is the “Slow Penalty Challenge”. Find out who has the slowest, or as some would put it, the weakest kick of them all.

SPOILER - you probably won’t be surprised…

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